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Finish work under 100 crore by April

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“Government’s Work is God’s Work” this is inscribed on the Vidhan Soudha in Bangalore. And as the work is related to God all the works are done slowly and peacefully.

Take the 100 crore works under the first allotment (Belgaum has been granted another special grant of 100 crore as well) even after years still works on some of the projects is not completed and in some cases not even a stone has moved.

Works worth 79 odd crores have been completed and remaining 6 work orders have to be finished by April 30, 2011 this was said by District in charge minister Umesh Katti in a meeting held yesterday.

Mr.Katti also said that 1000 khokas would be built after the design comes in from a Mumbai based consulting firm and all legitimate khoka owners will get their khokas back.

The meeting also saw some grave scenes when Mr.Katti said that how works under the 100 crores were carried out in New Gandhinagar which is a illegal colony. On this statement MLA Feroz Sait was angry and also threatened to leave the meeting.

The beginning to the meet was also not in time as the key of the AC hall was not traceable for over an hour. Every thing here was like “Government’s Work is God’s Work” since the beginning.

Work on the indoor stadium has not yet begun even when the approval for the same has been done. Work on Phule road is also incomplete still same is the case with RPD college road. Minister said, “do anything but finish the work by April 30”.


2 thoughts on “Finish work under 100 crore by April”

  1. Governments Work is Gods Work thats works are mentioned quality ?Government’s Work is God’s Work” thats works are mentioned quality ?
    God Knows & Govt, Officer KNOWS……..
    How U TRUST God
    same Trust GOVT.

  2. It's very happy to see the Belgaum's roads were improving and Govt is expending good amount of money.

    SURPRISE NEWS ( or Serious JOKE ) . I am not remembering the exact date of Daily SAKAL news paper it may be on 25 or 26th mar 2011 where in it is said that our Belgaum City Engineer feels that New Goods Shed Road is facing Trafic Problem and he ( Corporation ) plans to expand existing road from 52 feet wide road to 60 feet without taking into confidence of people residing in this location.
    My age is 36 and residing here from my Birth June 1975 in this location. since then not a single day here a Trafic Police is posted to control TRAFIC. There is no such trafic in this area. I AM NOT UNDERSTANDING WHETHER THERE IS ANY REAL NEED OR YOU ARE HAVING ANY PERSONAL INTEREST IN EXPANDING THIS ROAD. My dear City Engineer i rquest you to concentrate onto those ROADS which really needs expansion Like – Kapileshwar Road, Patil Galli, Ramalingkhind galli, Fort Road, Manikbag PB Road , Kakati Ves Road etc.


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