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Sanchayni Circle could be a life taker

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After the recent road widening and circle widening (done for VKS)  of the Sanchayani Circle (near Bogarves) the circle is now prone to minor accidents.

As the road has been widened which now boasts to be about 100 feet wide is causing a lot of problems as there are no dividers from Bogarves towards the circle and from Khanapur Road towards Sanchayni Circle.

Mid road almost collisions are daily routine

The need of the hour is also of an traffic island so that people take a round and go to camp or commuters coming from Khanapur road go round the island towards Bogarves.

Even tough no major accident has been reported until now, but is that administration will only wake up when we have lost a life.DSC00385

Why cant simple things of this sort be planned while the circle was being widened. This is the need of the hour as no one knows who will cross from where and each one is bound to hit some one at the intersection.

In the night this place is dark as the hi mast lamps never glow and causes much more chances of collisions.

The Traffic south police station is hardly 100 mtrs from this point and even then there is no traffic constable ever on duty here.

The problem here also could be who will build the dividers the Cantonment or the PWD.


4 thoughts on “Sanchayni Circle could be a life taker”

  1. Its not that the relevant authorities do not know the probable impact of the situation… its only the attitude of the people involved….

    Second such dangerous zone is near St. Xaviers High School. With the number of heavy vehicles, tempos etc plying on the road and further school buses and autos parking right on the road, the zone is become really dangerous for the school children to move. Inspite of so many representations by the school authorities no action has been taken. We still find a lone constable standing there with a indifferent attitude, allowing nature to take its own course.

  2. Book the authorities for negligence, Get hold of the contractor who has signed off the work and announced it as fit for service. Get hold of the PWD exec engineer who is allowing traffic on an unsafe road, book him from negligence

  3. This shows how well qualified the planners is, before making the roads, first the dividers r made than the road, but these nuts eat in left hand, they first make roads n than dig again to make the dividers, u may call these people stupid but they r more smart than u n me, know y, again additional income of breaking n making.


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