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Belgaum Cancer Hospital-The First of its Kind

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By uday

by Features Editor Sameer Majli

Cancer, a mass of misbehaving cells, is probably the most dreaded disease that the human race has known. The stigma associated with the term itself makes it a tendency for people to equate it with death. However, after decades of medical research in the domain of malignant cells, we today are in a much developed stage in terms of dealing with the various forms of cancer. Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Sandeep Madhwapathy, our very own Oncologist and his all unique Belgaum Cancer Hospital, our city is not far behind providing these life saving services. The hospital is the first of its kind in the whole world. It is the first Cancer Hospital that has been set up by a single person with such a vast multitude of services under one roof. Conventionally such ventures are the handiwork of groups of doctors or trusts; but here we have our very own Dr. Sandeep who is scaling new heights as a one-stop comprehensive cancer-care organization.

We at AAB are proud to note that Dr. Sandeep is a student of St.Pauls High School, Belgaum. He completed his PUC at G.S.Sc. College and his Medical Degree at KMC, Hubli. His is a story of a man who chose to come to his roots and do things beyond just routine.cancer3

Mr. Sameer Majli (Features editor AAB) managed to catch up with ‘The Man with a Mission’, Dr. Madhvapathy who provided All About Belgaum with valuable insights into his one of its kind organization. The following are excerpts from the wonderful things that doctor had to share:


  • Why did you choose to be an Oncologist (Cancer specialist)?
    Dr. Sandeep Madhwapathy —–> Many consider it very frustrating and are not willing to take up this branch of medicine. I believe and have experienced that it is the most challenging and consequently the most rewarding branch of medicine in terms of the need and the joy associated with successful treatment.
  • Why did you decide to start a cancer hospital in Belgaum?
    Dr. Sandeep Madhwacancer2pathy —–> I was initially keen to settle Bangalore since a large part of my schooling happened there. However, my father’s last posting with the Indian oil corporation was at Belgaum and we had a house here. Truth also is that I did my 10th 11th and 12th in Belgaum and consequently knew people out there too. My father wanted me to be in Belgaum and I respected his wishes. Eventually after scouting Bangalore, I thought Belgaum as a better option since cancer surgery or cancer hospitals were rather new to Belgaum and therein lay the opportunity. In Bangalore I would have been the nth Cancer Surgeon but in Belgaum I was just the second. There thus was a better opportunity to establish and prove myself and I decided to take up the challenge.
  • Was it difficult initially in terms of trying to promote the place/the venture?
    Dr. Sandeep Madhwapathy —–> It certainly was. The truth is that Belgaum had to grow to accept that cancer treatment could be successful. People had the feeling that cancer means death and that supra-major operations happened only in big cities. As luck would have it, the first operation that I did in my hospital was Oesophagectomy which is one of the toughest operations in cancer. I did the operation free of cost at Metgud Hospital, just to promote the fact that difficult cancer surgeries are possible in Belgaum. The patient recovered well and I guess that was the take off point.
  • How has the treatment improved?
    Dr. Sandeep Madhwapathy —–> Over the past few years, the survival of cancer patients has improved. Although it is a small incremental change, nevertheless, it is a good change for society, change that keeps you going. If there were no improvements, then I do not think the specialty would have survived. Drugs have changed; the quality of radiation treatment has changed. We have stayed abreast with all the changes and are happy that we are able to give good results. 
  • You have grown from a small setup in Khadebazar to a larger full-fledged hospital; what do you see as the future for Belgaum Cancer Hospital?
    Dr. Sandeep Madhwapathy —–> Presently we have a comprehensive cancer setup with radiation, surgery and chemotherapy. In radiation therapy we have the Linear Accelerator, Brachy therapy (HDR) & Cobalt. The next step would be to go in for IMRT and IGRT which are improved versions of radiation. In surgery we would like to have two more operation theatres because the work load has increased and eventually we would like to move on to transplants. The key objective is bone marrow transplants for that is the ultimate in the treatment for certain cancers. If we can do that then I guess we would have reached the next level. 
  • What is your strategy in the wake of increased competition?
    Dr. Sandeep Madhwapathy —–> We just keep doing our job well and the issue of competition takes care of itself. In reality I believe that our competition is with ourselves. We keep comparing ourselves with what we have been and strive to reach elevated levels in terms of providing the best services to our patients. This I believe is our strength and our point of focus. 
  • To what do you attribute the success that you have had to date?
    Dr. Sandeep Madhwapathy —–> I was at the right time at the right place with the right attitude and intention. I was also well trained at the Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. My training was comprehensive. It was not just surgery but we had insights into chemo therapy and radiation too. Being with the best in the country you imbibe not just the surgical skills but also their way of thinking. That is what makes a good surgeon. It is not when to operate but when not to operate that we got to learn. I think the human side of cancer treatment was the most important thing that I learnt there and I carried it through as the philosophy of my profession. I would like to say categorically that I would like people to think that this is a mini-mini-mini Tata Hospital. 

    The inauguration at the hands of Sunil Dutt




  • What’s special about BCH?
    Dr. Sandeep Madhwapathy —–> The human angle to the treatment in terms of the way we value each patient regardless of his background, ailment and status is important to us. This as I said, has been inspired by the Tata Model/Philosophy of operation and I guess I need not say anything more to indicate that it is our core competence. 
  • Any suggestion to youth you wish to take up a similar line as career?
    Dr. Sandeep Madhwapathy —–> Careers in cancer treatment something that most think of primarily because of the challenges involved. In a cancer setup we have the radiation oncologist about whom the medical profession knows very little. Students who pass their MBBS and think of Surgery, Gynecology, and Medicine or say ENT/ ophthalmology. That radiation oncology is a career is not known to them at all. Radiation oncology also does not need to be followed with a DM as would be necessary in other domains post MD. You just do your MD and you are a full-fledged radiation oncologist. Within three years you are a specialist. The demand for radiation oncologists is huge. In our country today, we have got about 400-600 radiation machines and the requirement is about 1500. Thus in our line of operation, the toughest person to get is a radiation oncologist. 
  • Would you like to say something about our website All About Belgaum?
    Dr. Sandeep Madhwapathy —–> I have briefly visited your website and I think it is something that Belgaum needs as much as it needs our services in the domain of Cancer Treatment. I am sure that both of us are dedicated to the same cause “The People of Belgaum” and that’s what keeps us going. I wish you the very best for your commitment and thank you for showcasing the dedicated efforts of the town’s very own “Belgaum Cancer Hospital”.

Belgaum Cancer Hospital Pvt Ltd
9666 A-2/D Ashok Nagar, Belgaum – 590010

14 thoughts on “Belgaum Cancer Hospital-The First of its Kind”

  1. Congratulations and best of luck.Thank you Sameer for the information.Surely Dr, Sandeep would bring hope and smile on myriads of unfortunate.God is always behind all the good people and their good work.

    • I was deeply saddened by the news of Sandeep passing . He was my classmate in kmc hubli. My heart felt condolences to his family. I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death. They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make. Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love.I express my sincere condolences to his family (and near and dear ones). May his soul rest in peace.

      Dr.Bhagwan Singh (Malaysia)

  2. Well done doc!!!!!! Nice to see an Oncologist practicing in Belgaum. You are providing a great service to human mankind..
    God bless you!!!

  3. Dear Dr. Sandeep,

    Well i am Rajendra Jadhav now working in Kwt for the last 18 yrs. In fact i was one year junior to you at st Pauls and then completed PUC- 2 at GSS.
    I was a good active cricket player in St pauls with Santosh kamat / Jitu / Jaykumar . And i was in friend circle of Mr. HEMANT Shetty etc etc.
    So may be you can remember me.
    I am here in Kwt with my family for the last 18 yrs.

    It will be nice if i can have your e-mial etc to be in touch. I will be visiting Belgaum around Nov, 2011 hope to meet you then.


    Rajendra Jadhav
    Kuwait # 00965 97493787

    THANKS FOR THE EFFORTS U HAVE TAKEN TO TREAT ME. U HAVE GIVEN ME HOPE.Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother.AND I HAVE THAT FAITH.

  5. Hello Sandeep, just wondering if you are the same person who studied at KVM Malleswaram, Bangalore? Batch that passed out in 1975…although you may have left us earlier.

    Look forward to your response, Arun

  6. My deepest condolences to d family members . Dr Sandeep was indeed a very good and humble human being ,an excellent and helpful doctor.may soul rest in peace…………sheetal heda

  7. Too young to go. Our sincere condolences to the bereaved family of Dr. Sandeep. May give them the strength to bear this huge loss and may his soul rest in peace…

  8. Our sincere condolences to Sandeep’s family. Let God give them the strength to bear this huge loss. It is a great loss to the Society and to the people of Belgaum and nearby villages. Yes it is a Mini Tata Memorial Hospital which has helped innumerable cancer patients.

  9. RIP, Great man and very humble person. Met him last year while my MIL was undergoing treatment I would say, he was approachable person.

  10. Shocking to know! it was too too early for Dr Sandeep to go. He was one of the fine human being. Certainly it is great loss to all of us and also to all those patients who were to be benefited from his services. My sincerest condolences to his family. May God give them courage to bear this loss.

  11. It was shocking to learn about the sad demise of Dr.Sandeep. As far as my experience with Dr Sandeep goes, he was a excellent human being first, and then a good Surgeon. He was an approachable person with an ear to the patients’ agony. The patients used to be at ease in his presence due to his friendly nature and communication in local language, be it Kannada, Marathi or Hindi. He was very down to earth, without any showoffs! I pray God to give strength to his family members to stand against this sudden/irrecoverable loss. The Belgaum city and round about districts are at very great loss.

    • I had the the good fortune of being his 1974 Batchmate in St. Pauls , Belgaum. Sadly Although I knew of his achievements, could not meet him personally ever again.

      He was extremely mature for his age – even in the School days – and was very quick to guide the weaker colleagues.

      I think ,it is truly a great loss for Belgaum.

      May his Soul rest in Peace.

      S R Kulkarni,


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