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First gate to Mandoli – Mahatma Gandhi Road to be 80 feet

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The Mahatma Gandhi Road, yes this is the official name but people now call it Mandoli road as it leads to it will be widened to 80 feet.

mg mandoli road belagaviStarting from First gate, Ganesh Chowk to Mandoli the said road will be widened to 80 feet and the works for the widening will be taken up under the 3rd Special CM’s 10 crore Fund.

It is also feared that many old trees will face the axe and residents say the planners must plan the road in such a way that the trees can be saved.

The corporation plans to compensate the property holders by way of TDR.
In the court hearing by the Regional commissioner recently the RC categorically stated that the TDR is optional and not compulsory, also the act states the same.

5 thoughts on “First gate to Mandoli – Mahatma Gandhi Road to be 80 feet”

  1. I don’t know why belgaum corporation is trying to destroy all trees in the name of development, if they really want to develop atleast plant one tree for every tree they cut….. by destroying so many trees in belgaum the climate has changed very much as compared to 2-3 years back…belgaum had the best climate compared to other cities but it’s not now…….

  2. There are many other roads in Belagavi which need to widened. For example, the entrance road to Rani Channamma Nagar, on which city buses ply every 10 mins and there is heavy traffic of two and four wheelers throughout the day. On the contrary, MG Road does not have heavy traffic and hence does not warrant widening at present. The BCC needs to review its decision.

  3. Hi BCC,
    As 1st gate to mandoli is not a heavy traffic road, hardly any heavy vehicles ply on this road.The BCC shoud seriously use google and also do analysis on the traffic load conditions as mandoli is almost dead end and more ever no heavy traffic usage road at all. BCC should think to widen only 10 ft on either side(actually that much is also is not required).

  4. Existing 40 feet road can be widened to 60 feet, which will be more than sufficient.There is absolutely no need for 80 feet road as the traffic load is not much. moreover mandoli being dead end will not have further scope for improvement.

  5. There is no need to make it to 80 feet as there is no heavy traffic on that road. 60 feet is more than enough. Infact, even 60 feet is not at all needed. Belgaum corporation should go for the roads where there is heavy traffic….


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