From April pay toll to go through Cantonment areas

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Cantonment Board Belgaum (CBB), chief executive officer Vijay Rajak made an annpouncement that starting April 1, 2011 all vehicle(commercial) users will have to pay an entry tax or toll, and he said this was done under Section 67 (C) of Cantonments Act-2006.

The toll fixed for different vehicles are as follows:

Private buses Rs 20

Private trucks Rs 20

Mini commercial vehicles Rs 15

Three-wheelers/ autorickshaws Rs 15

Tractor and tailors carrying goods Rs 15

Tempos Rs 10.

6 toll collection centers would be set up which will given on contract and would be set up at Congress Road, Circuit House, Congress Road, Military Vinayak Mandir, Ganeshpur Circle, Benon Smith High School, Sanchayani Circle and Gogte Circle.

Vehicles belonging to state and central governments, ambulances, state owned transport buses, vehicles deployed on election duty and buses carrying schoolchildren have been exempted.

CEO further said that they had to do this as the Cantonment did not receive any fund from the 100 crore package and even when the Cantonment is an integral part of the city. The defense authorities also have stopped funding, hence this measure is a must for raising resources.

There has been a dis liking from the people of Belgaum on this issue.

Many people fear that this will be similar to the Jakat Nakas earlier and also that each one will have to go though some part of the cantonment area daily and each one will have to pay the toll.

Some say this is not practical and will cause huge traffic problems as vehicles will be stopped for payment and one side of the road will be blocked.

12 thoughts on “From April pay toll to go through Cantonment areas”

  1. Wrong thinking by CEO of cantonment that he will collect enough money to maintain the pot holed roads.This will cause hardship for the residents of the cantonment area.
    Hope the order will be withdrawn.

  2. One more way how our Government officials can increase hardships on the common man. We can only guess where the money will disappear to….one of the potholes I suppose.

  3. State govt must act against this,,,,

    all the cantonment property is under lease from state govt, but how did they take such decisions…. ?

  4. I guess the CEO has done a right thing… that is to voice the concern of being neglected…… We hear of so many crores being granted for development. Where is all this money going ? The city corporation is as though non existent. No one ever knows when it will be dissolved. Here is some body who has come forward to raise his voice……. Although the toll rates are too high, this model should work provided there is accountability and the toll money is used for improvement of infrastructure.

    Mr. CEO, your voice is well taken but the toll rates are too much.

    • Cantonments cannot collect toll, the supreme court has passed orders that cantonments cannot collect toll, I dont knw how u know about local issues here, The cantonment is a major hurdle for belgaum's development and its one of the most corrupt office.
      they are not giving permissions to various development projects like widening of khanapur, District Museum at fort is stopped by the cantonment, Fort Development thought the state government has issued 10 crores but cantonment is creating problems, They do not want the vegetable market to be shifted coz its major revenue for the cantonment and also alot of hafta money goes to the Board members. and alot more…you want to raise voice for development, allow development and ask for a share in 100 crores is justified…..

  5. To shankar , If you read the blog carefully ,it states that there is no finance available from any source.What
    can the CEO do?.The only option is the toll. The hardship will be caused no doubt ,but the CEO is helpless.
    If any one is in his place he will resort to the same thing.

  6. next some one will start collecting toll at ganpath galli, maruti galli, kirloskar road and then to walk anywhere in belgaum you will have to pay toll because they also did not get money from 100 cr. and the excuse they will give is well known we have to maintain roads,drainage etc….
    if we need to pay toll to go through road that is necessary to reach home then how will we commute.
    Also one more thing flashed in my mind our dear rickshawalas who are so curtious have got one more reason to harass passanger by telling toll fee charges.

  7. I guess the Mini commercial vehicles, Three-wheelers/ autorickshaws, Tractor and tailors carrying goods should be excluded, as we know we dont really pay much to autos and those mini-door rickshaws carrier…

    • Kumar,
      The camp land belong to Defense, they have the right to expell the residents of camp at any time. This may be the first step, stop financing.
      As for toll, why not toll on rich people who own cars why penalise poor people who wojuld like to save fuel by going through Camp example rickshaws, tractors etc


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