Gardens look beautiful now


The City corporation from beginning of this year has taken efforts to renovate the gardens in the city and results are quite amazing after they have been renovated.
The process is still on and many gardens are still being developed under funds from various schemes.

The below images are all taken from the City corporation site which was updated (amazing site was updated).


Now a request to the public at large please maintain cleanliness and keep the gardens beautiful.



  1. Nice to see this..I hope lakes too are devloped (similar to Kotekeri). Gardens and lakes are the once that brings look to the city. For example juz look at Bengaluru.

  2. The point to be noted here is that the development work for all these localities, places and gardens are taken up by MLA Abhay Patil. He is making use of the 100 Crore alloted for him from State Govt.
    What are the other two MLA's doing ?

    • I am sure the other two MLA's are working on the basic needs of the people like water, drainage, roads, etc…which was left unattended for ages. Coooool !!!


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