Goods Shed to be shifted to Sambra

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The South Western Railways has decided to shift the goods shed from the Belagavi Railway Station to Sambra.

On June 2, 2016 we had posted a story Goods Shed at Belagavi railway station to be shifted to Sambra, and now officially the SWR is taking steps to move the Goods shed from Belagavi station to Sambra station.

This is good news for Belagavi as the Railways which plan to double and also electrify the Pune to Londa route will shift the existing Goods shed of Food Corporation of India from the Belagavi station to Sambra which has space and land. 

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Once the Goods Shed is moved from here it would make way for another Entrance from other side the Current Goods shed side. This also has been a long pending demand of the citizens for another entrance with proper platform from the Good Shed side.

Sambra was chosen over Desur, as it is near to the Highway and if Desur was selected again the truck about 100-150 will have to utilise the city roads again and hence increase the load of traffic.

Now once the Goods shed is moved from here station development can also pick up.

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  1. Yes ..
    This is a good step forward. We need to shift to public transportation. The vehicle traffic will always increase and road infrastructure will always play lag.


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