Goods Shed at Belagavi railway station to be shifted to Sambra

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This is good news for Belagavi as the Railways which plan to double and also electrify the Pune to Londa route will shift the existing Goods shed of Food Corporation of India from the Belagavi station to Sambra which has space and land. goods-shed-meet
Mr.Satish Assistant commercial Manager who was here on a brief visit made it clear that due to the doubling of the line more space will be required at Belagavi station and hence it would be apt to shift the said Goods Shed to Sambra.
Earlier also such plans were discussed but on paper only.

In 2007 AAB and Satish Kumar had made a detailed story on this with maps and layout have a look at it here Belgaum Railway Station New Plan

Once the Goods Shed is moved from here in about 9 months there would another Entrance made from other side the Current Goods shed side. This also has been a long pending demand of the citizens for another entrance with proper platform from the Good Shed side.

More points relating to the Belagavi station were discussed in the presence of Satish Tendolkar member DRUCC, Mr.Gupta Commercial manager and others.

The detailed layout plan AAB published in 2007 is appended below

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Below is the new Layout and some changes suggested by Mr.Satish Kumar for the present Belgaum Railway Station. You at first may feel who is this guy making a layout and what difference will it make. Belgaumites, go ahead of this thinking this is our city we need to build it as we want it. Lets give it a try, if this plan is at least seen by the railway authorities it our success.

The layout with details have been emailed to CM, Chief Secretary Karnataka, Belgaum DC regional commissioner and To Mr. Suresh Angadi MP Belgaum.

Now the same comes exclusively on this blog and the author wants to get feedback on the same. You can leave your feedback on the Comments link.

An alternate railway route to Bangalore was in the thinking from many a years as the present route via Londa takes more time. So one route was suggested via Kittur to Hubli. The Belgaum station in the past year has seen many changes and a few have been also highlighted on this blog.

Now to the plan made by Mr.Satish Kumar.present

This is the present layout of the railway station.The Present layout have only 3 main lines for passenger rakes and 3 for Goods buffer and shunting , one new line was recently laid for goods shed where in past it was there for Meter gauge fuel tankers at the southern end.

Now the new one:


The new plan can have New station complex at southern end with more facilities and can become platform number 4.

PitlinesThe pit line for passenger raking facility can be build after the railway bridge towards the western side of the station since there is ample space available. Passenger raking is needed for coach cleaning recharging and water filling.
newGoodShedSambraBelgaum map showing the new lines need to be laid down and small truck cum rail corridor at Sambra station with ample railway land available.


Karnataka railway map with proposed lines needed, the station at Sambra can be renamed as Belgaum junction and the main station as Belgaum city. The line towards Baglakot and Raichur can bifurcate from Sambra station. Belgaum city to Desur can have double line as the new Oil depot and Container freight station is already in operation and can bifurcate towards Dharwad.

newGoodShedSambraPresent Sambra station (during meter gauge era it had 12 shunting lines and there was line going towards Indal from here.The new proposal that government should consider ,Sambra ( Belgaum junction) with 5 shunting lines , integrated 6 line goods and truck terminal , it will create not only good revenue but also employment opportunity to villagers from Muchhandi and Ashte. Also a new fruit flower and vegetable market can be established here with direct rail transfer from here to Delhi Mumbai and Goa .

All are requested to give their feedback and based upon the feedback, if need be some changes will be made and the same will be forwarded to the concerned departments.

2 thoughts on “Goods Shed at Belagavi railway station to be shifted to Sambra”

  1. Truly a realistic plan. It will benefit both the passenger & goods sections of the railway station. Also the existing railway building to be upgraded as per the plan. Hope the authorities (mainly from Hubli division and our Hon. MP) will respond and act proactively.

  2. Sir,
    The Railway authorities may get sufficient space if the Railway Quarters are shifted or some Apartments are Planned/Build. As that space can is used for some trains to halt, such as Inter City Hubli Bangalore if extended to Belgaum which is long pending


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