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Improvements to Ambedkar Garden

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The Ambedkar Garden situated on Dr.B R Ambedkar road (Civil Hospital) will get a face lift in the days to come.

Construction of gate, pedestal improvements etc and also fitting of new LED bulbs has been planned which would be ready in another 7 – 8 months.

Proposed new Gate at Ambedkar Garden Belagavi
Proposed new Gate at Ambedkar Garden Belagavi

The total estimated cost of the improvements in the garden is estimated to be around Rs. 38,90,031

The Benches will be painted, broken ones would be replaced, new board would be put up, Statute of Dr.B R Ambedkar would be painted, Playing equipment four seater Merry Go round, Sea-Saw, spiral slide and other few slides would be also installed as per the new plan.

New land Scaping is also planned to give the Garden a modern look.

4 thoughts on “Improvements to Ambedkar Garden”

  1. is it open for general public? … i never find people spending their evening in here as they do in other parks. now then is it necessary to spend money when you donot want the public to enjoy it? or is it just to appease some? for your political gains

  2. Patil Saab,
    You are right, Road from Anmod to Belgaum is at its worst No body is bothered about that. what’s the use of decorating a gate when roads leading to it are in bad shape !!!


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