Indoor Stadium plan dropped

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Proposed plan of the indoor stadium
Proposed plan of the indoor stadium

The much anticipated Indoor stadium park with laser tek park has been scrapped as per Tarun Bharat.
The Laser tek park will now be shifted to Fort Lake area.
History behind Indoor Stadium:
In May 2010 the Plan for the Indoor stadium at Dharmanath circle was made under the Special CM’s 100 crore grant. All this was only on paper and nothing really moved. In January 2013 the plan of the stadium was shifted to Vaccine Depot but in March 2013 again the plan of building was shifted to Dharmanath Circle. In March 2013 the entire plan was made by a Pune based agency.

The Plan was sent to the urban development ministry and due to some technical problem the plan has been scrapped now. The Pune based company was paid Rs.1.5 lakhs for the plan.
Rs.1.76 crore allocated for the Laser tek park will now adore the Fort Lake. This could be a very good addition to current lake premises. The new plan for development of the laser tek park at Fort lake has been forwarded to the ministry and we should all hope it materialises.
The money allocated for Indoor stadium will now be utilized for the following:
Road widening of RamlingKhind Galli – 3.94 Crore, Raviwar peth- 2.8 crores and Kalmath Road- 1.8 crore.
Stadium at Sardars grounds – 1 crore
Badmintion hall – 2 crore
Various roads and Gutters in many areas of the city.

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  1. Indoor stadium is need of hour it ‘ll help many athletes to build up carreer. laser park no use ‘ll not help any one. already jnmc as mini park. why these corporates dnt understand importance of stadium.


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