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We are Prayatna and we are doing our bit

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pratyana-belgaum-1Eleven women from varied backgrounds and different walks of life decided to make this effort collectively to help the ones in need and the underprivileged in 2011. They all joined hands together and formed “PRAYATNA”. Prayatna is a non-profit organization, main aim is to help orphanages, home for the needy, home for aged.

They make time from their regular schedules to successfully carry on “Namma Prayatna”.
Successfully, now into the 3rd year, the efforts (Prayatna) is making a difference to atleast a few people. The steady increase of the number of members is a huge confidence booster for the women.

All you have to do is to become a member, fill the form and pay Rs.100 once in two months. This money will be used for buying groceries, toiletries, or any other thing that is required by the orphanage.
The date of visit to these homes will be conveyed to you a week advance, so that you can alsi join us.
You will be informed every month after the members visit to orphanage. Every paisa is accounted for.
The Group also requests everyone to donate freely old clothes,bedspreads, pillows, blankets, shawls, sweaters, vessels or any other household articles that are usable.

AAB Spoke to Shantha Acharya, President of Prayatna and got to now more about them:

How did “Prayatna” begin?

Shantha Acharya, president of Prayatna, used to visit the orphanages and old age homes with family and friends and then I used to share my experiences with my friends.
Once we our Ladies group visited Shantai Vruddashram for the first time in a group of 10. For the same we pooled in some money and then decided that we could do this very often and we could also make others join our social endeavor. We then decided to formally name our team as Prayatna and each one decided to contribute Rs.100 bi-monthly.

Tell us more about Prayatna and its activities.
The 11 founding members Shantha Acharya, Radhikapatil, Gowri Sarnobat, Hema Mutalik, Arthi Bhat, Veena Kulkarni, Sunita Bhat, Varadabhat, Shwetabijapure, Padma Vernekar, Suma Hondad all belong to Kannada mahila sangha.
Each member asked her friends to contirbute Rs.100 bi-monthly or even in kind in form of good old clothes, utensils, toys and other things,
In the first year itself we had more than 50 members and we visited Chhukumbi mutt, Arsh vidya kendra, Lomax old age home and Karunalya,

We did a study as to eachones requirements and gave them the stuff they needed.
In the second year many more citizens joined us and this time with more funds we donated stationery to children from Govt Schools and Destitute homes.

The third year has been more satisfying as we have been able to help more and more needy people and we now also spend quality time with the inmates of the old age homes and orphanages.

Are you registered ?
Yes, We are registered with number BEL_S207_2014-15

At a Shelter for the HIV positive in Belgaum
At a Shelter for the HIV positive in Belgaum

Why did you all want to start this when there are so many other NGOs?
We started this instead of doing it individually we are doing it collectively.

How are the activities funded?

All are activities are funded by our members who pay bi-monthly or yearly

Can anyone join Prayatna?

Yes, anybody who is interested in serving the needy can join us just by donating 600 yearly.

How was the response from the Spouse when you decided to start this?
Behind a successful women there is a man, our spouse have supported us for our novel act. They have made new members from their friends circle.

What are your future plans?
Last month we launched our website
This year we are planning medical camps for senior citizens and also donating 5 sewing machines.
Our future programs are eyecamps for poor children, aged persons, adopting a class from a school, helping HIV children for their medicine, plans to visit the other orphanages outside Belgaum also,

After visiting so many places we have now understood the hardships faced by each one and we are happy that our collective effort is bringing some smiles on their faces. The contended smile on the face of the elders at the Old age home or the Smile of a little HIV boy, It makes us realize that we as a part of the society must do something for them. Its not their fault that they are in this condition, we can only share a few sorrows and bring a few smiles.

Email – [email protected]

Bank details: Karnataka bank, Tilakwadi, Belgaum

Prayatna a/c no 1102500100596901, IFSC code KARB 0000110.

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