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Belgaum to become Belagavi from Nov 1 says CM

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Chief Minister Siddaramaiah in Bangalore today held a meeting to discuss and place its arguments before the SC appointed Justice Manohar Sareen commission on the petition filed by Maharashtra for inclusion of 814 villages of some districts from Karnataka into Maharashtra.

The State Government has decided to rename Belgaum as Belagavi and the official announcement will be made on November 1.

Now the Govt will have to get the Centre’s approval for change of name.

13 thoughts on “Belgaum to become Belagavi from Nov 1 says CM”

  1. it seems Siddhuji don’t want peace in Belgaum… and people always blame MES for distributing the peace and harmony of Belgaum. Its quiet clear that Karnatak Govt hate Marathi People, Marathi sentiment and Marathi Culture. This decision is going to hurt the sentiment of lakhs of Marathi speaking people living in Bordering villages and town. and if we protest or show our displeasure then the BRUTAL LATE-CHARGE AND FIR AND ANTI SOCIAL ELEMENTS etc etc.. Another example of the disparity towards us is the Police Dept FAILURE TO CONTROL the recent communal riots whereas the same police departments SUPERNATURAL action and terror against the Yellurkars in ‘Maharashtra State’ Board row.

    If the decision comes to force. 1st Nov will not only be BLACK DAY!!!! but the DARKEST DAY for the BELGAUMKAR…

    A Proud Belgaumkar……….

  2. This was due for a long time.

    Dear Editor, Bangalore has already been corrected (unlike renaming) to Bengaluru. Not sure whether you are deliberately not using ‘Bengaluru’. Hope to see your upcoming articles using the corrected name of Bengaluru.

  3. CM is playing with Muslim sentiments, BELGAUM was named by hazrat Asad Khan lari, of camp dargah. this is look like forcing to convert any person to other religion. I request all BELGAUM lover should request CM not to change name of our beloved city BELGAUM.

  4. Mr ramchandra Belgaum is integral part of Karnataka and will always be. Govt as every right to work in the interest for people of Karnataka. We do not hate any one. we hate only MES it’s acting against interest of Belgaum people.few MES MLA can’t take away Belgaum.why are we fighting like India Pakistan. how long we have to suffer. Belgaum belongs to people of Kannada who speak n die there not to few MLA. To remind u stop this linguistic fight accept mahajan committee report. If belgaum is renamed to belgavi what’s your prob. MES goons have never worked for development of Belgaum last 60yrs congress looted our country and in Belgaum MES as been hampering every development. look at other cities in our country why our youths have left cities to earn their livelihood it’s because no industry wants to come Belgaum. grow up .

    • Arey dost first you explain why you want Belgaum to be renamed as Belgavi???? If the name remains same what’s your prob? Bangalore has renamed Bengaluru, is this a name?? It shows that Kannada people want to change our culture which is impossible….

  5. What will Happen if Names changed…? Will CM become PM, what happened to Mumbai any changes after it was named to Mumbai

    Waste of resources on such BULL SHIT work..try to work for better roads, and crimes against women and school children. This CM sleeps in the Assembly. CHEAP Minister !

    With Regards to Marathi Sentiments: Our Sentiments will Never be hurt, you name Belgaum to any thing you want..My people will continue to call is as BELGAON.
    So many people call Bangalore…not Bangaluru …Bangalore sounds cooler !..and Belgaum much Cooler.

    So stop this nonsense and work on some thing solid..Build a new Bus stand in Belgaum, work on the roads..

  6. Govt is changing name not only of Belgaum other cities of Karnataka too with due respect to Rajasthova celebration when states where carved in 1956 Karnataka completed 50yrs in 2006 proposal was sent to then UPA govt for approval but only Bangalore was approved rest other cities kept pending. To mark 50yrs of celebrations govt is in mood to change name since 8yrs but this time it ‘ll b done. if names are changed people still will spell belgaum belgaon that’s it. I dnt think so it ‘ll harm maratha sentiments. Govt as not imposed any culture on any caste religion to change their own culture. culture is within us it ‘ll remain with in us till last breath & it ‘ll b passed to next generation. I dnt hv any issues with change of name it’s upto govt to decide and I support govt move. I want my Belgaum to develop in every sector… ..

  7. Mere bhaio & bhano, aao, Belgaum ko bachayein, Hamare Belgaum ko 1 november se phansi par chada rahe hain aur Karnataka Govt. apne bete (son) Belagavi ko gaddi par bita rahe hai. Is mein Belgaum ka kya karsoor hai, itne saalon se yeh hame pala posa. Ab bahar ke log aakar ham par zulam kar rahe hain.
    Yeh aisa hai ke apni shouhrat ke leye Belgaum ki jaan lene par tule hain.
    Koi bhi nahi jo hamari sunne wala????????
    Rait (Sand) ki vajah se kitne labour atam hatta kar rahe hain yet govt ko nahi dikhta,, garibo ki madat karo, Belgaum ke development mein aage aao.
    Sab log Prime Minister se appeal karo ke ham Belgaum ka name change nahi karna chahte hain.


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