KalaMandir to be rebuilt as a Shopping complex

KalaMandir in Shukurwar Peth Tilakwadi which was built by the city corporation and is also maintained by them have decided to rebuilt it as a 4 storeyed shopping complex.
To increase the income of the corporation it has been decided that 7 sites will be converted into shopping complexes or will be used for commercial use hence getting in some money.
KalaMandir will be rebuilt as a shopping complex under the Built Operate and Transfer model. For the work to begin the proposal will have to be passed in form of a resolution in the City corporation and then the work will commence.
Recently there was a demand that KalaMandir be renamed after the Late Dr.Vishnuvardhan but it seems this has taken a back seat as the same will be broken down in time to come.


  1. We've seen how malls have come up in every nook and corner of cities like Bengaluru. Some of these malls dont even have decent fire exits and parking places. It only ends up in chaos on roads and loss of peace of mind. I'm not depriving the city of it's fair share of "modernization" by my statements, but I think public opinion should be gathered before bringing down Kalamandir.

  2. I feel it should be converted into Ultra modern shopping mall cum multiplex by handing over the site on
    BOT basis to either FUN CINEMAS OR CINEMAX INDIA OF MUMBAI alongwith in the ground floor an Ultra modern Airconditioned multipurpose hall should also be built for Dramas and cultural activities.

  3. Can soem philonthrophist come forward and take up this Kala Mandir to new Cultural Devlopment centre, May be Bhramnand Chipre can contact Shri Dhramadh Dr Virendra heggade of Dharmastahala , I hope it would work


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