Khanapur road widening starts

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The work on the widening of the Khanapur road from end of the over bridge upto Mahaveer Bhavan (600 mtrs) had begun a fortnight ago on a snails pace but since a couple of days the speed of work by the PWD has picked up and now all the trees are being chopped down near the Fire Brigade station.

Six shops were demolished yesterday near Nikisa Auto spares, the owners have been assured a new place but when the same would be given to them and where is not clear.khproad

The residents of the said road are against this road widening of the road to 120 feet and also the PWD is very unclear and not transparent in its operations it is alleged.

The PWD in a RTI reply has stated that a National Highway road cannot be named and hence, even when the said road has been renamed as AB Vajpayee road by the corporation in the records it will be NH4A only.

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5 thoughts on “Khanapur road widening starts”

  1. No need for Sambra Airport Expansion. Aircraft can easily be landed on this road when complete. Its an best example of “Forward Planning”. Kudos to the man behind this project.

  2. Don’t know what’s gonna happen to the pleasant climate of this heaven. It may become a hot place like Hyderabad or Chennai. Simply destruction in the name of development.

  3. Dear Editor, After going over through the blog of road widening which invloves the felling of trees. I would like to mention that there is a company called Vic Roads which is based in Austraila,(The company may be having their branches in India). The company specializes in uprooting of trees and relocating them at a desired location. The web site of the company is The Belgaum Corporation may contact this firm in case they are interested in saving trees in Belgaum city. I think its a gov firm , I am not sure..

  4. All,

    Please plant two trees for every one felled in the name of development.



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