Parking fee fiasco in Belgaum

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For parking a vehicle you get a ticket of Rs.3 but the collector asks for Rs.5. You have no option but to pay as your family is waiting for at an event or you are at the Railway station to see off someone. One cant loose time fighting otherwise one will miss the train.

Just have look at these incidents we got to know of:

Which is the Correct parking FEE Rs.3 or 5. 
The photo is the parking ticket issued for Annotsava at College road. The Rs.3 has been made Rs.5 So in reality which is the CORRECT fare or are we being LOOTED. 

Parking Ticket issued by Contractor At Annotsava. The Rotary/Union Gymkhana have nothing to do with this parking fee.

The second incident is that at the Railway station. Vinayak Talukar, told this blog “At Railway station the receipt says 10 but is scratched and written as 20”.

Mr. Bandukwala, told this blog that, “Offlate the parking fees at the Railway station was Rs 20/- instead of Rs 10/-. It was only after complaining to the station master the parking attendant started charging Rs 10/- again and this was somewhere in the  2nd week of January 2013.

Mr.Walvekar shared this parking ticket of Railway station. He paid Rs. 5

Another incident noted by a citizen was that, go to railway station Reservation counter beside over bridge; there 2 Wheeler & 4 Wheeler parking one can see they are giving Tickets of Belgaum Institute of Medical Science College Parking Ticket and this was in December 2012.

All the above come under the Cantonment board’s jurisdiction.

Please share your experiences.  

7 thoughts on “Parking fee fiasco in Belgaum”

  1. There are various crooks working in Belguam collecting illeagal fees , most of them are opertaing without license and with any authorization , one such incidient I faced was in KLE , I threttened to call security guys he ran away , that means since moring he made good booty of nothing, We public are supposed to be sesible , annamaotsava was in collage grounds how come it is given tickets from cnatonments , I say just thrash these guys, Belguamites be aware , even at station dont pay if the correct amount is not mentioned and take the bloody local rail authorities on ransom if the public loot goes on

  2. at railwaystation reservation office he collected 5 rs for two wheel’r instead of 4 rs and when i asked him his reply was ” tere 1 rupee leke kya me bilding banale wala hai !!!!”
    we get lots of angry about this fellows which are looting us in rupees but what about those who are looting us in billions

  3. BK is kamine parking contractor ko bolna thaa , ek rupaye leke building to nahi banayega , par asie jame kiye hue haram aur paap ke pasis si tere ghar ke kisi sadsaya ka cancer yaa aids se jaroor paisa kharch hoga, beleive me it works , this was my comment for a lady in Mumbai cusotms, when I was bringing some old used cloths for socme charity insititution. Aaj kal badbuaa dene se hi kaam chalta hai…:)

    • Dear All ,

      if bad dua had some effect , many politicians would have not been living. They thrive on them.

      As regards parking i have also paid rs 20

  4. I had a fight over this at the recently concluded Annotsav Food Festival.
    I asked the parking attendant what is the parking charge for? There is no board there which says paid parking. Also there is no facility like shed or markings or cleaned areas. He gave me the ticket with the print side down so that I don’t see the changed price. When I questioned he says “Utna hi hai”. I said I know its 3 Rs. And I will pay only that. TO which he said “Give exact change”. Luckily I had change, else I would have to have another fight.

  5. I experienced a similar problem at the railway reservation office some weeks back. My advice is this, we all have video on our mobile phones. Start recording and ask them what the price is and get them talking on record and also take video of the posted price. I noticed people like to be honest when they are being recorded.

    Corruption will continue at the top as long as it is accepted as the norm at the bottom level.

  6. I too faced the same problem. It is not fair to charge such an exorbitant rate for a few minutes of parking. This is nothing but a ‘legal’ form of begging. When I refused to pay anything more than 2 rupees, the guy tried to snatch my key. He called the traffic policeman standing nearby. The traffic policeman requested me to pay 4 rupees since I was educated and I can afford it, to which I refused. My principles are better suited with Arvind Kejriwal, said the cop!


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