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KLE Universitys Dr Prabahkar Kore Basic Science Research Center

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KLE University is in the process of establishing a premier research center in the name of Honorable Chancellor – “DR PRABHAKAR KORE BASIC SCIENCE RESEARCH CENTER”.

The new research center with a built-up area of 10, 000 sq ft shall host three labs that engage in basic research with state-of-the- art facilities for staff and research scholars. The research center will focus on key areas of Molecular biology (including stem cell research), Medical microbiology, Pharmaceutical analysis and Natural product research. All these areas shall adopt fundamental concepts and application based research with tangible outcomes. In addition, the centre envisages to gear-up the research capacity through a series of highly focused workshops that will create critical pool of scientists, thus, providing the edge to keep up with current research and also engage with international Universities on an equal platform. The research center has been installed with modern analytical instruments and equipment’s such as Ultra-high pressure liquid chromatograph (UHPLC) for high resolution fast chromatography, latest generation Peltier based thermal cycling PCR system for Gene expression analysis, high magnification digital imaging inverted microscope and Gel electrophoresis systems. In addition, there are other associated high-end analytical instruments that are in place to set the wheels of basic research in motion.

5 thoughts on “KLE Universitys Dr Prabahkar Kore Basic Science Research Center”

  1. Building such type of facility is an old marketing strategy of KLE at pharmacy and medical colleges. High end instruments are always kept locked similar to artifacts in museum at these colleges with limited use. Everytime student need to use instrument, he needs to give money for tea to peon and buy drinks for profs. Some random professor who is not trained and/or technically qualified is made incharge, who will hump this instrument like a mad dog. Majority of such stuff is damaged because lack of care and usage. good luck folks.

  2. so many research centres and no research. We do not give value to our own people great minds, if they invent or find something new at research centre in US, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia we clap hands from here. So many great indian inventions have perished due to this nature of course one survived and is enjoying great success. Thank Shri Aryabhatta for finding ZERO our minds are zero and our leaders and business people’s bank accounts are filled with innumerable zeros.

  3. As for Mr. Rajiv’s comments we do not need more faculties now they have gone to Bangalore for earning in IT companies, but curiosity can kill a cat and also let curious minds learn on their own. Please go through www. or just two small examples.


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