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The number of police personnel per person in India is quite low: Roughly 130 for every 100000 residents, in such a case managing traffic and traffic offenders is a very arduous task.

CCTVs are being now widely used by the police for security reasons as well as to nab the traffic offenders, whom the regular cop on the road could not see or catch.

On the same line 19 CCTV cameras have been fitted on various locations where there is heavy rush and traffic. 5 have been already installed and 14 will be installed in due course.

Locations where CCTV will be installed: Ashok Circle, New Vegetable market, Pimpal Katta, Kaktives road, Dharmveer Sambhaji Circle, Gogte Circle, Kapileshwar Mandir road, RPD cross, Basveshwar Circle, Udyambag, Mazagaon, Vishnu Galli Vadagaon, Kakeri circle.

Already 5 CCTV cameras are working at Chennamma circle, CBT, Shaniwar Khoot and other two locations.IMAG0008

These cameras have been installed on the routes from which normally many rallies, processions take place, these cam then are used for surveillance and other time used to nab traffic violators.

FTVR (Field Traffic Violation Record) procedure would be implemented in this case. When a traffic law is violated and seen on the screen at the SP office or even by the constable he can report the same to office with the vehicle registration number and the person would receive a notice to which he would have to come to the Police station within 7 days and pay the fine.

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