Lack of parking space at CBT

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The lack of parking space for two wheelers at the Central Bus stand is causing a lot of adversity to the commuters.

There are so many of them parked that the new ones dont get the parking space. People coming from all over the city who travel for work to various nearby places park their vehicles here in the morning and collect the same after work.

Sooo Many

People prefer to park their two wheelers at CBT as it saves them money, or else they will have to shell a lot more daily for the Auto as the public transport system is not proper and is not timely, a few commuters told this blog.

The House Full board

There was a plan for the re development of the entire bus stand but nothing has happened on ground. Even at Rs.65 per liter people prefer getting their bikes/scooters and parking it here as it will still be cheaper to commute home.

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