Beauteous Belgaum


People fall in love with Belgaum and this is true. Ask anyone visiting this city and when they are returning they all say “You folks are lucky to be in Belgaum”.

Here is one nice capture from Biswajith Baruah a GIT student who originally hails from Assam but he too has fallen in love with Belgaum.

Now Do we need to tell where this was taken……..


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  1. Biswajit bravo you are a good photographer and your photography will come alive in my city the great Belgaum.

    Love Belgaum always
    Altaf -Abudabi-UAE

  2. : Thank you for posting my snap on your website… and special thanks to everyone who liked it. Photography is my hobby and being an amateur photographer i have always liked nature very much… I like Belgaum's natural beauty. and in course of time will bring u all.. more nice photographs of in and around Belgaum… Thank you everyone..

    Biswajit Baruah.


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