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Beautification of Rajhuns Gad begins

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The Rahuns Gad Yellur will be beautified by spending Rs.4 crores. DC Ekroop Caur inuaguratedt he development and beautification works at the gad today morning.Raj Huns Gad 4

The work is scheduled to be completed by March end.

DC further said that, as this Gad has a legacy related to Shivaji Maharaj, the state government has decided to develop this as a tourist destination.

The well on the top of the Gad and the walls would be developed at the beginning and a statue of Shivaji Maharaj will also be placed.


MLA Rural Sanjay Patil was also present on the occasion.

Rajhunsgad is surrounded by greenery of farms and fields with rice as a major crop. Yellurgad (Yellur Fort) located within the vicinity of Belgaum Taluka, on hillock with a breathtaking view.It is situated nearly 2,500 ft (762 m) above sea level. According to sources, this Fort dates back to history many centuries ago among different kingdom and its rulers including the Yadavas, Hoysalas, Bahamani, Adilshahi, Peshwas-Marathas.

The fort on top of hill is visible from almost all areas of Belgaum. It is also believed that there existed a secret tunnel from the Belgaum fort upto Rajhunsgad during the ancient period. In this fort, a beautiful Temple of ‘Lord Shiva’ is situated where most of the people staying in and around the villages of this fort visit and pray every Monday. There is Well of sweet water on top of this hill. It is infact an admirable archeology of the past architects and rulers. An awesome view of Belgaum City can be had from this fort.

How to reach:

One can reach Rajhunsgad village on the foot of this hill via- Desur village or from Yellur & Sulga and then climb the fort on kutcha road. Experienced riders can reach upto the entrance of the fort on top on Motorcycles but this path (kutcha road) is too steep for motorcycles. However, this is an excellent place for Trekking.

8 thoughts on “Beautification of Rajhuns Gad begins”

  1. Again…….

    Its only Kannada and Karnataka where a Maratha empiorer’s port is developed by a state government/Karnataka Government….

    Good one,,, Keep up the good work and Developmet…… 🙂

    Jai Hind…

  2. There still exists a secret tunnel from yellur gad to fort.. In that era people use to go through that tunnel on horses and reach in 10 to 15 mins. but now that tunnel is all covered with roots and bats. Infact Vaijnath Mahipalgad is also connected to yellurgad by a secret underground root. same with the kakti fort which connects to kakti village.

  3. Good start…..i am all time fan of this place…"my native place"….hope this will boost good tourism and i also hope the harmony of the place will be still maintained after that…

  4. The Belgaum city Railway Station Platform Reduced Elevation as per Survey of India Termed by British Then is Denoted
    as 968 Mts Above M.S.L (Means approx 3,175 feet above Mean Sea Level ) Mean = Average .
    Looking At Yellur Gad it is very high when compared to Belgaum Terrain , so YELLUR GAD is pretty higer in Altitude like a hill station .
    In future Some Amusement Parks of all types with a Suspended Rope way Chairs if Designed ,with developments of Natural Vegetation Parks with stage wise Haltovers Containing Rest Rooms Resorts ,wil be an Real Facinating Tourist spot of all Seasons , to Enjoy the Rainy Showers , The Winter Mists & the Cool Summer .
    It is nice to hear Govt taking kneen interest For Vast Investments to safe gaurd the Respect of the Great Hero's of our History . . so lets us ALL wait to cherish the beauty of BELGAUM .


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