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At last Tender Floated under Smart city for Establishment of City Operations Centre in Belagavi

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First Tender floated by Belagavi Smart city Limited
System Integrator for Implementation of ICT Solutions including
Date of opening of Commercial bids 15.09.2017

Belagavi Smart City limited (BSCL) intends to select a Master System Integrator (MSI) for city of Belagavi by following competitive bidding process to design,develop,Implement and maintain the Smart City System for a period of five years after Go Live date on turnkey basis.

The Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD), Government of India (GoI) has rolled out Smart City Mission (SCM). Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development & Finance Corporation Limited (KUIDFC) is the State Level Nodal Agency (SLNA) for the Smart Cities Mission in Karnataka. Belagavi is one of the ULBs selected under the 1st Round Competition of SCM based on the Smart City Plan (SCP) submitted by the City through GoK. Objective of the Smart Cities Mission is to promote Cities that provide core infrastructure, give a decent quality of life to their citizens and apply smart solutions to improve services and infrastructure. BSCL, has identified certain Smart ICT intervention required to make the city smart.


It is now proposed to appoint a Master System Integrator (MSI)/System Integrator (SI) to implement the said ICT interventions.

Level1: Integrate and View
City Surveillance & Ambulance & Fire

2. Level 2: Integrate, Command and Control

1. E-governance (Property Tax, Automatic Building Permission Approval System, birth and death registration, public grevence redressal system, fund based accounting system (etc)-Present integration 2. Smart Parking (for future integration)

3. Smart Lighting (for future integration)

4. Smart UGD (for future integration)

5. Smart Energy Management (for future integration)

6. Geospatial Database Management (including Land Management System and Utilities Mapping )-Present Integration

7. Fire &Ambulance

Level 3: Implement, Command, Control and Fully Operate
1. Smart Water
2. ICT based solid waste management with RF at household and community level
3. Intelligent Traffic Management System (Adaptive Traffic Control System)
4. Intelligent Transport System (ITS)
5. Intelligent Pole (with environmental sensors, public address system, variable messaging system, digital billboard, panic button).

After establishing the above said solutions, the bidder is expected to Operate and Maintain the said ICT interventions for a period of 5 years

Main objective of the project is to break silos in the city with in the departments and across the departments. Also to install appropriate check points for solutions implemented, so that the services delivered to the public are to the at most satisfaction of public. SI shall be responsible to carry out the detailed survey prior to submission of bid for the complete solution component requirement in order to finalize infrastructure requirement, network bandwidth requirement, operational & administrative challenges etc. The subsequent sections detail out the solution and scope with respect to each of the solution component. MSI shall note that the activities defined within scope of work mentioned are indicative and may not be exhaustive. MSI is expected to perform independent analysis of any additional work that may be required to be carried out to fulfil the requirements as mentioned in this RFP and factor the same in its response

More specifically, the following will be the activities to be carried out by the MSI:
1. Project Planning, execution and Management
2. Assessment and Gap analysis of requirement for all smart city components under scope.
3. Solution Design, System Customization and development for all components mentioned in this volume.
4. ICT items Procurement, deployment and commissioning
5. Site Preparation including required civil work, LAN Networking
6. Application and general awareness Training
7. Business Process Reengineering for the selected applications/ services, if required
8. STQC Certification
9. UAT & Go live
10. Capacity Building
11. Technical Support
12. Operation & Maintenance (O&M) for 5 Years after complete system go Live date.

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