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List of Projects as per Smart City Proposal : Belagavi

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This is an exhaustive list of projects envisaged under the Smart city project for Belagavi in its proposal.

Some of the projects are put under different headings but are part of a single project like Cycle paths, Carriage improvement, Pathways, Footpaths etc are under smart Roads.
Hence some may be started and some not.

This is as per our knowledge there could many projects which could have also started but we aren’t aware of them as of now.

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List of Projects as per Smart City Proposal: Belagavi 
Sl.No.Projects in SCPCost (Rs. in Crore)Status
 Area Based Development (ABD) June 2018
 Taking governance to the neighborhoods (Multi-Utilities Facilitation Centers – Green buildings embedded with Belagavi-One) 
1Dharamnath Circle46Not Started
2Ramteerth Nagar38Not Started
3Mahantesh Nagar29Not Started
4First Rly Gate Opp. Kalamandir43Not Started
5Fort Road11.4Not Started
 Developing Theme based and heritage Parks & Recreational Spaces  
6Development of a Heritage Park26Not Started
7Theme-based development/Improvement of Neighborhood Parks &15Started
 Recreational Spaces  
8Urban afforestation through block plantations5Not Started
9Avenue Plantation2Not Started
10Art Gallery Cum Exhibition Center and Children Science Park14Not Started
11Rehabilitation of Cattle and Pigs1Not Started
12Parking for private buses, Mini LCV on Hires charges2Not Started
13Rain Water Harvesting and composting facilities in parks and1Not Started
 Upgrading of Heritage Precincts  
14Development of Fort and Moat Precincts25Not Started
15Improvement of Lakes10Started
1624 x 7 Water supply, Smart Metering  
16Water Metering9Not Started
 Environment , Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy  
17Smart Electricity Metering8.5Started
18Energy Efficiency Program for Street lighting5 
19UG – LT Cabling168Started
20Air Quality, Water Quality, Recharge of Water Bodies15Not Started
 Affordable Housing  
21Development of Affordable Housing for EWS84Not Started
22EWS Housing in Approved BUDA Layout43.52Not Started
 Skill Development Center  
23Skill Development Center8Not Started
 UG Ducting  
24Multi-utility UG Ducting62Started
 Non Motorized Transport, Walkability, Network Connectivity, MLCP, Para Transit 
25Pedestrian friendly Pathways45Started
26Cycle Tracks17Started
27Carriageway Improvement125.5Started
 Urban Mobility  
28Improvement of Central Bus Terminus & City Bus Terminus110Not Started
29Flyover129Not Started
30Underpass56Not Started
31ROB101Not Started
32Improvement of Road Junction Ambience4Not Started
 Development of City Centers on Green Building concept  
33Development of modern market at Tilakwadi (Kalamandir)53Not Started
34Development of modern market at Dharamnath Circle89Not Started
35Swimming Pool and Badminton Court3.75Not Started
 Sewerage System  
36Construction of STP , Uncovered UGD, Improvement/Rehabilitation156Not Started
 of sewerage lines  
 Public Convenience & Amenities  
37Public Urinals & Toilets1.5Started
38Road Side Drinking Water Kiosks9Started
39Bus Shelters0.5Not Started
40Tourist Guidance Centers3Not Started
41Trauma Center (Dharamnath Circle)3Not Started
 Solid Waste Management  
42Solid Waste Management including RDF Plant8Not Started
 Storm Water Drain & Recharge of Water Bodies  
43Primary & Secondary Drains70Not Started
44Health (excluded from the main proposal of cost Rs. 5 Crores) Not Started
45Upgradation of Primary Health Centers Not Started
 Pan City  
 Central Command Center  
 Surveillance (GPRS Enabled CMOS Cameras) & Traffic Sensors  
 Surveillance (GPRS Enabled CMOS Cameras) for Safety security of Not Started
 Women, Childre and senior citizens & Traffic Sensors (WVDs)  
47E-Governance (Applications, 3P Services)12Not Started
48Smart Metering for Electricity51.5Not Started
49Smart Metering Water Supply53Not Started
50IT Connectivity45 
 (Interconnectivity, Kiosks, Wifi & GPRS Subscription) Not Started
 Environment, Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy  
51Solar Rooftop Paneling (30MW)195Not Started
52Wind Power Generation (30 MW)186Not Started
53Energy Efficiency – LED Street Lighting29Not Started
54UG – HT Line316.27Started
 Water Supply & Waste Water Management  
5524×7 Water Supply – Phase I427Not Started
56Integrated SWM38Not Started
 Traffic, Transport & Mobility  
57Intelligent traffic management system10Not Started
58Non-Vehicle street / Zones and Hawkers zone10Not Started
59Priority Bus Lanes21Not Started
60Bus Terminals With Multi-Utility Facilitation Centers130Not Started
61Smart Bus Shelters1Not Started
62Paratransit1Not Started
63Battery operated Autorickshaws (Retrofitting Kit)0.8Not Started
64Retrofitting Midi Buses of NWKRTC23.4Not Started
65Pedestrian friendly Pathway67Not Started
66Cycle Tracks68Not Started
67Improvement of Road Junction Ambience8.5 
 Natural Gas Distribution  
68City Gas Distribution150Started
69Super-specialty hospital at BIMS (excluded from the main proposal of  
 cost Rs. 350 Crores)  
Note- This only indicates the cost of individual projects given in the SCP. The total value of SCP may additionally include other costs such as DPR preparation, PMC, O&M etc.


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  1. List of projects as per smart city proposal of Belgavi has been going on for sometimes, yet it seems there is no action on those proposals. What are these so called leaders have been doing besides their fame, their titles and their pockets? These leaders have been put in their present position by the voters to take care of the community. Voters put their trust in those folks who promised to improve things, but once they got elected they watch everything on the side line instead of getting into the center of the action to get things done.
    When will it be time for the smart city voters to elect smarter people to do smart things?


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