Maratha Mandir to third gate to be 120 feet road


The survey and marking of the road widening work of Khanapur road from Maratha Mandir to Thrid Gate has begun. Survey and marking from Maratha Mandir to Basveshawar Circle is over.

On Tuesday the further work of the survey was stopped by the local residents and shop owners. They said that whats the need to have 120 feet road when a 80 feet road would be good enough.

As many as 156 trees have been marked with numbers which will face the first brunt. There are some very big and huge trees on this entire route, all of which will be destroyed in the road widening.

The road widening will be done only upto 3rd gate and one is till not clear whether the railway gate would also be widened as it falls under the railways. So incase the gate is not widened there is little utility of widening the road.

The old dharwad road which which officially is of 120 feet has now been marked as a 66 feet road and hence people from Khanapur road also are demanding the same.

Photos by Prasad Parmaj



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  1. Well done MLA – congraltulations you saved your property & you got big bribe as percentage so double munafa – great going.

  2. Guys since our great MLA has already done great job by saving his property, atleast now we shall have 120 ft road there and trees can be planted at the road shoulders, then the dharwad road shall also be done 120 ft,rather 150 ft if MLA still hinders public interest then if we have belgaum citizen forum,or other society we shall go to law for this, because belgaum traffic is increasing like anything

  3. Please saport this …….. for city development And we no from basaweshwar Crl to 3rd gate only Kalpana Shakti is big problem for City development.

  4. The beauty and beautiful climate of Belgaum lies in its tress. Every one fails to understand why theses politicians are bend upon cutting trees . The road widening can be made without felling of trees ,by positioning them on the divider of the roads. Apart from roads Belgaum needs development in many aspects ,unfortunately our so called politicians are not doing. In this situation there is no option other then starting a movement against felling of trees.

  5. Hey Guys,
    Dont oppose the Road widening projects, since traffic is becoming hell now in current days. If we want some thing good, we hav eto lost something importants (trees). If anybody has affection towards trees, please plant it new trees it will benefit for next generation…

    • Guys from my point of view somewhere we are the reasponsible for all this.Because we are the only who vote this Politician thinking they will do somthing magic for us endup with shit like this.
      When time to came demolish their property they will chage the rules for others let them suffer.
      Last time Belgaum Corporation demolish many illegal shop(This is what corporation says)ok they might demosh for godd for city but in the meantime they have to think about hundreds of people who fill their stomach from those shops.
      I personally know many familys who lost their shops and now suffering for 2time food,and no one there to ask them

  6. For people who feel they see saying losing BIG Trees!!! guys.. take a break, new trees will be planted, and an old tree doesn't help in making air carbon di-oxide free, new plants do!

  7. Let it happen ,120 feet…
    If MLA (south) has done something wrong at some road.. go to court!
    Its so silly to talk, the people opposing on widening are the one who encroached GOVT land, please check land records!
    I say or or not, the widening is gonna happen! and its good for all.

  8. Proposed road plan was long ago when area mentioned falls as outside area now this area is become residential area and both side of this road there are many educational institutes like school and colleges are there. If this road widened to 120 feet then it will be dificult to the pupils who go to school everyday crosiing this road. there may be a chances of accidents because of excessspeed driving.development is for the sake of public intrest not for show . so we have to give first preferance to public intrest then development if they want to construct high way better they start it from piranwadi jamboti cross that will be ideal at present situation.

  9. Let 100 feet be for Dharwad road and Khanapur road ek dam beech ka raastaa, South MLA take me as your advisor , "fayide me rahenge aap, lekin bina paise khaye Belgaum ko sudhaariye".., also install divder and high mast split lights… at Khanapur road and Dharwad road and also between RTO and Kolhapur cross. also another main road from Ashok Cirlce to Kanbargi should be 80 feet double road with divders and split high mast lights

  10. Prasad .U r doing a great work. So wats ur plan. Will there be an objection rally or some Ghandhigiri? Because we already have lost our heartly trees in front of RPD college. We should have some protest against this. Where is the GREEN BELGAUM dream? How can it be fulfilled while these things are planned?

  11. Is there a need to do so? Then don't uproot the trees (156 trees) and give proper compensation to the people around and settle them along with their business near by.

    • This current one is only from maratha mandir to third gate.from kolhapur cross it is alreadya double road untill gogte circle.over bridge is not going to be widened

      • Current traffic on this so called double rd is horrible. Ring rd can only solve this present problem. IS THE PLAN OF RING ROAD IN SIGHT????

  12. Old Dharwad road &Kanapur road should be done 120 feets. The road widening work which are incomplete in the city should be completed and then go for kanapur road.

  13. I fail to understand that why people hinder development and how a 80 feet road is good enough with such a lot of traffic growing day by day. It is simple that people do not want to leave the road.

    • Chetan better ask ur MLA(South) that when he owns property at old Pune-Dharwad road. He took the decision for 80 feet which was suppose to be 120ft. Now when it comes to this poor people who are loosing their livelihood he wants it to be according to law 120ft. If you have guts go and ask him rather then questioning people for development.

      • I guess you hit the bulls eye. A lot of folks do not understand the games politicians play to safeguard their interests!….. this is the story that one gets to see when we dig deeper in every upcoming city in India.

      • I very much agree with you that both the roads should be 120 ft with proper dividers and good lights. I also disapprove of the old PB road to be sufficient enough with its 80 ft. You all know politics (the vote bank) and the self vested interest in govt. property ( i,e. road) and own property (the pump at the old PB road). God save belgaum and its development.


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