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Monsoon Offers galore by PWD and City Corporation

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The slump is over… at least as the rains have picked up some pace in July and so are the special Monsoon Offers, offered by the Public Works Department and Belagavi city corporation.

PWD monsoon Offer

Break your back without a workout. Just travel on Khanapur road especially near Sanchayani circle to break your back for free. If not complete spinal injury Slip disc confirmed or lifetime money back guarantee.

To counter the PWD offer Belagavi City Corporation Monsoon Offer is much more promising and widespread.

Break any body part without a workout. After the PWD offer, CCB has made a pan-city & pan body offer to break any part of the body without a workout.

To avail, this offer one has to just travel on some of the roads like Congress road, Udyambag, Kadolkar Galli, Auto Nagar and many more areas. Special offer of Free SPA like treatment with Body lotion available at select spots such as Samarth Nagar, Goods Shed Road, Shastri Nagar. 

The city corporation also offers swimming in select areas such Fort road, Shivaji colony, Pangul Galli, parts of Shastri Nagar, Gandhi Nagar.


Many of you might have already availed the offer, and many have just done some window shopping and have planned to avail the offer.

Speaking to AAB, a citizen said, the offers are very tempting and due to the rains one can break any body part without any workout, is really fascinating. Our entire family plans to avail the body lotion spa treatment at Goods shed road.

The Cantonment board is also not behind and could float offers soon in Camp and near the Vegetable market.

NWKRTC and Indian Railways have also made offers but the same is very limited.

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In the days to come, we could also see stalls put by doctors at the above locations so that post-offer treatment can be given instantly without any delay. According to sources already a few hospitals have approached the PWD and CCB for space allocation.

So what are you waiting for? Have you availed the offer yet?

3 thoughts on “Monsoon Offers galore by PWD and City Corporation”

  1. Please post a image of Ganeshpur area, especially Jyoti Nagar main road. None of any health department people are bothered about it and no response from Panchayat members. Garbage collected on main road smell is to horrible. Help to reach Ganeshpur area dirty scenes to health department

  2. this has always been the problem with roads in belgaum as all the road works are sub standard and pad works are done just before monsoon leaving big ditches.
    it is time that this is stopped by the citizens or else the smart city tag will be of no use. good roads free of potholes and reliability should be of paramount importance.

  3. Come August, it will be third anniversary celebration of Smart City project for which Belagavi was selected in August 2015. Are we marching in right direction?


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