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Don’t throw it, sell your Scrap to Scrapkarocash

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Each ones home has those things stored which are scrap but just stored as we dont feel like throwing it away, even when it is not utile.

Two engineering graduates Manvendra Pratap Singh and Shashank Kumar Verma have started this innovative (En-cash your Scrap).

They have floated “Cleanyug Scrap Management Private Limited (ScrapKaroCash)” and is incubated at KLS Gogte Institute of Technology.


scrapkarocashscrapkarocashDon’t throw it, sell it. See rate card

Scrapkarocash is an online door scrap collection service provided by Cleanyug Scrap Management Private Limited. This service is free for all those who want to get rid of their scrap. This service is currently active in Belagavi, Karnataka and lifted over 70,000 kgs of scrap from industrial and non-industrial units. It is an online platform which can be accessed by any active internet devices.

Scrapkarocash service will connect those users to our service who want to sell their scrap.

Through this service, we systematically collect and monitor the information provided by customers and provide estimated value to scrap. In this service, an application named Scrapkarocash provides which works on the different mobile platform to connect more users to the service and provide ease of access to this service Scrapkarocash.

From Carton boxes, Raddi, CPU’s monitors, refrigerators, washing machines you name it and they can buy it from you.

So next time you are thinking of throwing away something Don’t throw it, sell your Scrap to Scrapkarocash.

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