Five from Belagavi die in Tillari ghat as car falls in valley

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In a very unfortunate incident, 5 persons died as their Wagon R car they were traveling in fell into a 50-foot-deep gorge near Tillari Ghat near Lashkar point on Sunday. 

The deceased have been identified as Yallapa Patil (Bokmur) (45), Jotirling Sampat Tevekar (30), Mohan L Redekar (40) (Balekundri), Nagendar Babu Gavde(30) (Ashte) and Krishna Gavde (29).

In the monsoon, many from Belagavi go to Tillari for sightseeing and picnic as the weather there is beautiful, but their trip to Tillari was very unfortunate. 



There is no information on how exactly the accident occurred but there was dense fog and on the slope, the car might have raced ahead and fallen into the gorge. A couple of years ago on the same spot, an ambulance had slipped killing 4 people.

Two dead bodies are stuck in the car and hence cutters are being used to remove the bodies while the other bodies were found far away from the car.


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  1. Very sad
    I am thinking about their families
    How they will face it.!

    And for god sake please reduce some ads
    There are too many
    Can’t read properly

  2. Very sad..Appeal to all to be careful and cautious…. while visiting to Tilhari Ghat..May the Departed Souls Rest in Eternal Peace.. Deep Condolences to their families..

  3. Yes, indeed. Driving through is very difficult near Swapnil point. As I sww yesterday, there is a clip.and tiny single to drive across. Damn scared.

  4. Plz correct the news…it’s jotirling sampat killekar Not (tevekar)..
    Kishan gawade(19 years) not( Krishna gavade 29 years)


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