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Naval Air base at Belgaum

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Source: Prahaar – Prakash Bilgoji

 Belgaum is home to the MLIRC and the Air force, third part of the Indian Army the Navy is now getting itself geared up to build a Naval Airbase and stock depot at Belgaum. 

The Navy from its Goa head quarters has sent a letter to the district administration on June 17 asking for acquiring of 420 acres of land near the Sambra airport. The project will commence once they get a clearance from the central government.

The naval air base in Goa has weather problems which cause delay in landing and takeoff and as Belgaum is near and already has an established air base with airmen and also a regimental centre, Belgaum was the best choice.

 In the letter to the Belgaum district administration the Navy has asked the authorities to prepare the complete estimate of cost of land and any other costs and submit the same. 

MIG-29 planes cannot land on the Goa naval base hence Belgaum strip will be used, PRO Navy said.
Once the clearances got the project will be undertaken. 

3 thoughts on “Naval Air base at Belgaum”

  1. Great news for Belgaum. The naval base would further boost Belgaum's Defence profile. I feel proud to have MLIRC HQ in Belgaum and Air Force Airmen training School and since Belgaum have come under hyper sensitive zone after finding of Uranium deposits near Deshnoor the extraction of nuclear fuel would start in near future would need further security.

    In past sea harrier use to land and take of for the training sorties at Belgaum from INS Hansa ( Goa Naval Air station). The new Air Defence Ship (Russian Refit carrier) Admiral Grashgkov is going to house MIG 29 Naval variant, and since already Goa Naval Air station is fully occupied with other squadron , Belgaum is really a much obvious choice taken by Navy.

    So one more Central School KV-4 and more central government establishment here, a good boost to Belgaum/ Sambra


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