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Need of proper bus shelters

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A majority of the bus stops do not have proper shelters and people are forced to stand on the roadsides, braving the scorching heat and rains in the rainy season.

This is the story about the not so seen bus shelters needed for the commuters of the city bus service .

The erratic schedules of NWKRTC ensure that they wait in the blazing sun for up to an hour, to board that elusive bus.

Public transportation is a common man’s transport for activities of community living. Growth in the elderly population, allied with greater integration of persons with disabilities into daily life, has led to greater demand for transit service to meet their mobility needs. dsc02991mp5

Let alone a bus shelter, there’s not even a proper and safe place on the roadside where one can wait. We found elders, youngsters, mothers and children waiting on Khanapur road next to SBI. Here no one exactly knows where the bus will stop. And same case is on the other of the same road.
As this is the nearest city bus point for people coming by trains there is a huge rush and due to lack of proper infrastructure people are forced to stand on the road in the heat and the rains with no one to hear to their cries.

The lack of bus shelters is a major problem in the city for those depending heavily on public transportation facilities.

It is not that we dont have bus shelters at all we do have a few on college road, D S Circle, 1st gate, Sadashiv Nagar and a few in some other places.

Look at the similar situation at RPD corner where there is huge crowd we dont have a exact bus stop hence the bus stops where ever the drivers feels like on both the sides.

To add to it the city bus route network system has to be scientifically planned and designed. Direction oriented hub and spoke pattern of routing has been adopted. Colour coding of routes and buses and their numbering has to be carried out.

What is needed is good planning by the NWKRTC and the city officials with exact locations for bus stops and nice shelters should be built so that the public know where to stand and their standing time is also peaceful.

If we have a good public transport the use of private vehicles can come down eventually getting down the traffic on the streets. In a city like Belgaum where going by an auto is a luxury but everyone has to take it often as the public transport system is in shambles.

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  1. Not only Bus Shelters ,Bus BAYS ,Widening of RPD Circle,New and Volvo Buses ,Increase in frequency is required for our Undeveloped City

  2. Need of proper bus stops, buses on time, proper lighting in and around bus stops is a demand of thousands of daily commutators for many years. But who listens

  3. we are ready to build bus stops in Belgaum, pls let us now were we have build them and also tell were to get the permission


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