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Chamber president alleges he was manhandled by MLA Abhay Patil

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Basavraj Javali president of the Belgaum chamber today alleged that he was manhandled by MLA Abhay patil on April 30th at the MLAs office.image

He said this at a press meet today.
According to Javali MLA was irked on him for stopping CM to announce a newly sanction project which was already in progress on April 8.
It was followed by a discussion at managing committee meeting on april 26 in which the MLA also took part.
To discuss the same further MLA called the meeting at his office. They were forced to hand over their mobiles during the meeting during which MLA manhandled Javali As he found a camera with him he became more violent and assaulted Javali and also abused him.
Mr.Javali has sought police protection but hasnt mentioned as to from whom he has danger. At the press meet Javali had become very emotional and he had to control his tears.

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  1. It may be true what Mr. Javali is telling now. But what took him so long to come out with the truth (or his version). The delay and timing arouses suspicion in the minds of people.

    • yes i am in shock & threat, very next day at Mysore i disclosed the matter in all chambers meet openly, our state president Mr, Bangera promised me he will discuss with CM next day at conference. he communicated the same, but as CM requested to wait for 2 days,

  2. Why the Javali taken hidden camera, to make trouble for Abhay Patil
    whether Javali is Sent by his rival, SURESH ANGADI, this is the hiddeb truth?

    • i have taken a camera for security reason. the camera was taken by me for my own security purpose that i had news & threat that he may abuse with vulgar words & he man go for man handling.

  3. mr javali is right, many complaint are against MLA abhay patil,He has created lot of trouble to people of belgaum even too mr.Jvali, Hence next election through out this MLA from belgaum constituency.
    JAI hind


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