No power but still be ready to pay more

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Acute power crisis has hit Belgaum and the state and where city needs 120 MW its hardly getting 44MW.

Minister Eswarappa said that Belgaum will get 20MW more from Wednesday from the central grid. However, is there any surplus in the central grid to provide is yet to be seen?

CM BSY yesterday again cautioned the public at large that the hike in electricity tariff was round the corner and he cannot do anything to stop it. A rise of about 20% to 30% is expected from the next month in the electricity tariff.

The time table declared is for 7 hours where as there are power cuts for up to 10 hours in city and more than 14 hours in rural areas.

Its hardships all the way, kerosene, which was available in the open market for Rs.32 per liter, now costs anything from Rs.35 to 37. This is hitting the businesspersons a lot.

So this is “Government’s work is God’s work”. Those words written on the Vidhan Soudha, Bangalore I had read long time back

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