Officials work even at night


Times have changed and with time, even the government officials and elected representatives have changed. Take this for example; meeting a corporation official is difficult during daytime but yesterday the whole lot of corporation officers with MLA and councilor were there to make a survey of road to be widened at night in the dark.

Late in the evening a host of cars stopped suddenly in front of the Shahpur police station and all the by standers had some great ideas about they, coming over there.

MLA Abhay Patil & Firoz Sait, Mayor, Dy.Mayor, corporation commissioner S G Patil and other officers were seen discussing about the road widening from Nath Pai circle to Vadgaon. According to sources, the road will be widened to 60 feet.

Citizens were around were amazed at the officials surveying the area at night. In addition, one senior citizen at the spot said, times have changed.

Hope times have changed for the good and not for any other reasons.


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