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Patil Galli – Sri Nagar Kanbargi road will be relaid as per international standards

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Near Shani MandirIn November 2012, Amba Bhuvan to Fort road will be 60 feet road story had mentioned that the Patil galli road from Amba bhuvan to Fort road would be built as per international standards.

Actually nothing happened then but now sources have told that the Urban development ministry has given a go ahead for building two roads of international standards in Belgaum, the other being the Sri Nagar Kanbargi road.

Then the estimate for Patil galli was 7 crores which has now doubled to 15 crores each.

The propsal is now under the Urban Infrastructure Development Scheme for Small and Medium Towns (UIDSSMT) scheme of the central government.

Under this scheme the financing is normally done in the ratio of 80:10  between Central Government & State Government and the balance 10% could be raised by the nodal/implementing agencies from the financial institutions. Funds from MPLAD/MLALAD could be used  towards project cost and to that extent, the loan component/state share could be suitably reduced.

Patil galli would be a 60 feet wide road as per the CDP and will have foothpaths on each side under which all the utility lines would be placed.

Currently the proposal is pending for approval under the UIDSSMT scheme.




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