Amba Bhuvan to Fort road will be 60 feet road

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After the marking was done in the center of the road from Amba Bhavan to Fort Road, the said road would be made 60 feet wide as per the CDP.

Currently the road is 21 feet to 30 feet wide.

About 7 crores have been allocated for this road. Earlier this road was planed to be made to international standards but the cost of the same would be very high hence 7 crores have been allocated from the special 100 crore grant.

Near Shani Mandir


The work would begin soon but no definite time schedule has been told.
As the current road is atmost 30 feet wide, almost 15 feet will have to be acquired and buildings demolished on the said road on each side. It will have to be seen how the people and the business men from the area support this process as in most cases many would lose their entire shop in some cases. 

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13 thoughts on “Amba Bhuvan to Fort road will be 60 feet road”

  1. Great News ! hope there will be no further political .lingual or any other interference in the matter. Actually it should be 80 feet,

    Hope we start soon and many such roads follow

      • Forts come under protection of ASI act ,under its perview nothing can be setup ,in and around such monuments even Bhartesh collage is illeagl , it is the corrupt lobby in corporation who granted to dwell such units , the forts could have sorrunded with public emnities such as parks and gardens , not truck yards , priavte busstand , shabby vegitable wholesale market , who leave the durt behind after smelly business.


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