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BUDA auctions plot in Hanuman Nagar for 4010 per Sq feet

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In the BUDA auction held on Friday, a plot in Hanuman Nagar was auctioned for an amazing Rs.4010 per sq feet. Mr.Sidnal bid for this at 4010 per sq feet and he bought the plot for 1 crore 60 lakhs 40 thousand.

Plot no.341 was won by MLA son Faizan Sait, he won the bid by paying Rs.3800 per sq feet eventually paying Rs.1 crore 52 lakhs. BUDA had kept the reserve price for this plot at Rs.1500 sq feet.

Another Six plots in Hanuman Nagar were also auctioned Plot Mo.428 of 2850 Sq feet was auctioned at Rs.3050 psf.

Plot No.305 was of 3420 Sq ft was auctioned for Rs.2850 psf. Plot No.426 was auctioned at Rs.2700 psf. Plot No.424 was auctioned for Rs.2870 psf. Plot No.408 was auctioned for Rs.2400 psf. Plot No.409 was auctioned for Rs.2400 psf. 

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  1. Being the public elected representatives these people should help in creating a affordable land price for the common man to get shelter, but its painfull to know about such act ………..


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