Phule road work in progress from 2009

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The work which had begun on December 5, 2009 had to finish on finish on 26 January 2010 and now its end of January 2012 and still the Mahatma Phule road is not entirely complete.

A major part of the road is complete with dividers but the street lights have not yet been installed.

The said work was taken under the special 100 crore grant and the 80 feet road widening work had begun amidst voices of resent from the residents of the area. The entire stretch of the road is 1.035 kms only.

Currently the road from Shahpur Maratha Sanskritik Bhavan to the road which will join Basveshwar Circle (Govaves) is being completed.

Currently this stretch of the road is being built

Once completed commuting to SPM road will be very easy by this road but the time taken for the said road is very long and one still does not know as to when the same would be complete.

The work which had to complete in a years time it has been more than 2 years from the deadline date that the road is still not complete.

Work of Phule road had to be completed by Jan 2010

Under package No.13 a sum of Rs.124.36 lakhs was allocated for development of Mahatma Phule road. Under package No.15 a sum of Rs. 86.57 lakhs were allocated for building of gutters on the same road. Under package No.20 a sum of Rs. 4.08 lakhs were allocated for building dividers.

Under package No.18 a sum of Rs. 17.86 lakhs were allocated for central lighting for Mahatma Phule road.

The road joining Basveshwar Circle as on today

So in total 232.87 lakhs was the total budget for the road widening of Mahatma Phule road. And the duration of completion of the work stated in the packages prepared was only 9 months.

So it has been over 2 years, 1 month, 24 days and still counting for the completion of the Mahatma Phule Road.

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