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Aadhaar UID enrollment to stop from February

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Registration for Aadhaar cards being issued by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) will come to a halt in the State on February 12.

From February 12, 2012 the registration for Aadhaar cards issued by Unique Identification Authority of India will come to a halt.

Deputy commissioners have been told to stop the enrollment and ensure that proper exit and closure procedures were followed and evaluators were present until the last day and also see that the data collected is stored safely.

AadharImgFurther work likely to be done by an agency to be designated by Centre

The project, which is caught in a bitter turf war between the Home Ministry and the Union Planning Commission, had only been given permission to enrol 200 million citizens and by mid February it is set to cross the 200 million mark.

Registration in Belgaum district has been only 30%. only 7.5 lakhs people of the 42 lakh people have registered for the Aadhaar card.

There were many complaints of non payment of wages to the employees involved in the Aadhar card.

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  1. Why each and every Govt.Project in our Country is TOTAL FAILURE.iT’S shame in a Democratic Country.Our Politicians should realise it ,otherwise Voting Percentage will go below 10%.People will loose faith in Govt.and Judiciary System one Day.A time will come for Civil War.

  2. how can dey stop it inbetween when the process is just started ….. wat the student should do ….when the exam were going on the process started n when dey r interested to do it now ..dey wan stop …hell with ur system …….


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