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Pitying state of Belgaum CBT

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View of the bus stand in
Belgaum Photo: Venkatesh Naik

“Thousands of people throng at me and travel to their destinations day in and day out. For so many years I have been bridging the gap between urban and rural. It may be any season of the year, but for me my priority is set, serve thy countrymen. When I was made years back I was the main landmark people used to assign. But now my importance has been ablated. If you want blame it on my owners or people running the show.
Do you know by now who I am? I am CBT, Central Bus stand.

And the pitying state of Belgaum CBT is alarming and no one is bothered to look into this which adds to the apathy of the visitors and travelers.

In September 2013, Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy has said that hi-tech bus station would be built in Belgaum at a cost of Rs. 30 crore.

The development plan for the Belgaum central bus stand are on papers since 2009 and even tenders were floated but there were no takers for the same.

The said Bus stand has now achieved a worst and miserable situation. Being Belgaumites and other people’s major transportation convenience and prime place of importance at the heart of city, it would have caught greater attention and importance of administrators for improvements. They could have made it digitalized, highly sophisticated, clean and advanced Bus Stand. Instead, it seems to have become derelict, untouchable object for administrators concern.

It’s congested inconvenient location, unsurfaced and pondful roads, unscientific and unsuitable vehicular traffic and foul smelling dirty toilets have made it a third class and disgusting place to use. The poor maintenance of the roads aggravates the problem especially in the rainy season. Due to the broken toilet sewer pipes, the foul smelling sewage water flows throughout the roads of the bus stand, showing the un awakable reluctance of the concerned authorities. The localities claim it has been that way since many years and they say nothing is going to happen in future also in frustration with the irresponsibility of the elected representatives.

The fast moving tyres of the buses shoot the stones which are abundantly generated from the spoiled roads towards nearby passengers injuring their body and destroying their valuables have caused a great threat to the passengers. The passengers who come from other states or other countries have horrified to see the condition of the Bus Stand whereas localities have become used to it by force. It presents a clear danger to the public health, safety and esteem. We hope and pray the concerned may wake up and take swift action.

The lack of parking space for two wheelers at the Central Bus stand is causing a lot of adversity to the commuters. Chaos rules the two-wheeler parking lot in Belgaum central bus stand with the number of vehicles growing rapidly. It is common to see riders, unable to take out their vehicles, fighting with the attendants because of haphazard parking.

4 thoughts on “Pitying state of Belgaum CBT”

  1. The first impression of the city gets from is prime BUS stand and as KSRTC is most popular bus service in maharastra goa and other states . The situation changes as they see the bus stand of belgaum. The first impression of the city fails when someone new arrives in belgaum in CBT and impression becomes more worst when they choose to hire an AUTO outside the stand. Toilets as mentioned are really worst. Belgaum should have best bus stand as its well connected from mumbai pune bangalore hyderabad where everyday thosuands of passengers travel and many who come for first time. This bus stand has become too old for its time and urgently needs renovation

  2. Our Politicians are ready to fight for the border dispute only for their popularity,,but i don’t think their minds are ready for the development of the city. Who will see all these things,,,this is only a part of “Non-development of Belgaum city”,,,there are much more issues related to the development of BELGAUM city.
    Our MP Suresh Angadi is quiet busy in developing his own personal things like property, Lands, colleges but unable to develop his own CITY. Being MP for 3 times and not at all concentrating on these issues shows his inability of developing our city. Irrespective of any Political party,,we the people of Belgaum need development of our city not only by words but also by action. I remember during my childhood our relatives from KOLHAPUR used to visit our BELGAUM city for purchase of many things as our city was a hub during those days. But today am stunned by glancing at KOLHAPUR city where it has reached,,the developments there are quiet amazing. But unfortunate our Belgaum city is the same as it was previous. In the name of “Border Dispute” the political people are fooling the citizens of BELGAUM city since many years. If they would have thought seriously anything regarding the development of our city then till now definitely our city would had been the top one. They have neither developed our city nor have succeeded in removing the enmity among people who reside here and are both kannada & Marathi people. Instead they have poured OIL on burning issues and have created enmity among ourselves. I bet if the Political people whom we have elected, concentrate on the development of our Belgaum city,,then definitely all the people will look their work practically and feel proud of our city. And also the enmity among people irrespective of Cast & Region will be removed and all together will live in harmony without any problems. But if the political people play games like the Britishers and follow the principal “Divide & Rule”, then the day will not be far when the same people who have elected them will kick them off.

  3. Belgaum always comes under the chopper….! Huge funds were released for building new bus stations at Hubli & Dharwad. When they were not used to their capacity, Government again released funds for development of old bus stations. But for Belgaum, many unknown reasons spurt up so that we continue to experience this ”great” bus station. If Govt is serious and has the will, building a new bus stand is not a problem. I think we ‘Belgaumites’ have achieved more than the above ‘patience’ towards such apathy.


  4. The true fact is that we always elected incapable, impotent representatives from our area and as usually comman people suffers. Our representatives are very shamless even after so many articles and reminders to them regarding basic requirments they are still sleeping till the next election.


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