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Amusement park planned at Hidkal Dam

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hidkal-parkThe Karnataka Neeravari Nigam Limited (KNNL) has proposed to offer Hidkal Dam for development of Tourism Related projects. The cost of setting up of Tourism related project is estimated to be upto Rs. 5 crores for the initial phase.

This site is one of such potential areas that can attract tourists. It is intended to have a world-class entertainment and recreational facility for all tourists. A bid document is called for bids to Build, Own, Operate & Transfer the Tourism related Amusement Park at downstream of Hidkal Dam.

The Dam is situated at about 45 Kms from Belgaum and 65 Kms from Kolhapur.proj_hidkal

The dam site is under Karnataka Neeravari Nigam Limited (KNNL). The dam site is a potential location for attracting both domestic and foreign tourists if developed to make it attractive.

This BOOT proposal envisages inviting private developers with proven track record in the field of developing and managing events, entertainment and tourism related projects, with proven experience in marketing and advertising. Adequate financial capability is a must. KNNL proposes to select developers and operators for Hidkal dam site. The selection will be by prequalification and tendering process.

The plot for developing and operating of Amusement Park is located at the downstream of the Hidkal Dam area with the following geographical features:

a) Available Plot Area 300 Acres

b) Catchments area

Entertainment park with components at Amusement park. Theme park and Water sports complex river view boulder, water amphitheater and water pools and beach resorts.

Rest centers with family entertainment, shopping centers and soft play systems.

Health center with mediation spa and rejuvenation center.

Story park and laser show

Gardening and landscaping with lighting arrangements.

Fountains ball, flower, finger and jet types Multi effect mini musical fountain

Trekking adventure tourism and tent camps.

Water sports including swimming.

Jogging Track

Nature curate and spa resorts/ Nature park

Boating tour/show area



Ropeway /elevated transportation

This is the first call for the development hence the actual commencing of work and utilization could take upto 4-5 years.


10 thoughts on “Amusement park planned at Hidkal Dam”

  1. It would be the first of this kind in northern part of Karnataka, this would become world famous if gokak falls is connected using cable hangers. …. hidkal dam and gokak falls and ghataprabha reservoir have potential of attracting world tourism.

  2. First construct proper access roads to Hidkal Dam & present infrastructure of Hidkal Dam itself properly,,then plan these things. Without proper roads it will be useless in investing the public money in such projects. If one happens to visit Hidkal Dam just try to visit IB (Inspection Bungalow) and review the present condition. Once it was a major attraction for many visitors, but today i feel very pity on its present condition.

  3. excellent idea… it will become one of the land mark to north karnataka… highly appreciated your initiative… i love you for this…more ever i respect the thought that you thought for this…
    i wish a great success to this.

    am working with one of the leading landscape organisation(MNC) as project architect.
    For any further requirement related to landscape for this prestigious project, plz feel free to contact thru my mail ID.

  4. i need an information about the project… as i have taken thi site as my architectural thesis topic…. i need information regarding the site…. pls mail me… if someone knows

  5. On 15 jan 2019 we with family visited Karnataka government Totagarike department Suwarna Karnataka udaynavan puspabiverdy kshetra (garden )division – 1 Hidakal Dam near pachhapur
    A)I have observed people at entry gate are collectin entrance fees10rs for yelder and 5rs for childeren and issue ticket also but there is no board eccept one hand painted board and one computered typed paper is found on gate When questioned the reply was it has started more than 5-6 months
    B) my question is why fixed authorised board not provided at the gate
    C) Under what government order this has started Government copy to be put shaired to me
    D)So for inside minimum fecilties like childeren to play park and Bath room for visitors on questioning reply from gate staff if you want bathroom go out side
    E) Tickets issued were also found to be fake since no government stamp on it
    E)So for how much amount collected from this entry fees
    Reply to be sent to my Email ID vbmirji@gmail mob no 9972544455 if reply not received matter will be refered to higherup


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