Pyrolysis plant gets nod by BCC



Cost Rs.5 Crores

Environment friendly

Annual Savings of Rs.4 Crores


Belgaum Rural MLA in the recent meeting of the city corporation presented this idea at the meet and all the members agreed to the the suggestion.

A pyrolysis plant (thermo-chemical decomposition of organic material) will be environmental friendly and the residents of Turmuri village where the current garbage dump exists will be saved of many hazards.

The garbage dump had to shifted from Turmuri and a resolution for the same had been passed long ago but due to the non availability of a proper site the matter was kept pending.

MLA Sanjay Patil has promised to allocate a 5 acre land required for the project.

Currently the Ramky company is collecting Rs.650 per tonne of  Municipal Solid Waste while with the new plant the cost could come down to Rs.150 per tonne.

Members asked the Commissioner to look into the terms and conditions of the Ramky agreement so that they dont fall into some legal tangle.


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