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Queens Garden one of the oldest garden in Belagavi is in dire straits

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The Queen’s Garden or Rani Bagicha or Rani chi Bagh in Camp Belagavi was one of the tourist attractions for outsiders and even the locals. A peaceful place where students studied and scored remarkable marks in the exams.

Spread across 3.2 acres this garden was built by the Britishers somewhere in 1878.

Today the view of the Queens Garden is very doleful. Broken benches, chopped trees, electric poles on the ground it looks like this was never a beautiful Garden or it has changed like this after some natural calamity.

The View of the Queens Garden Belgaum

The Cantonment Board of Belgaum in January 2011 decided to start an eco park spread over 3.2 acres next to the Queens Garden. Nor the Eco park nor the somehow maintained Queens garden has been looked after. Even in this state of affairs people flock to the garden but get disheartened with the state in which it is maintained.

Queens Garden 1878 Pic
Queens Garden 1878 Pic

The Cantonment board is spending Lakhs on boards to be placed infront of each bungalow. It has created a few gardens as well, but it has forgotten to the preserve the oldest garden.

The Sharqat Park just opposite the Queens Garden is magnificent, but if one has a look at Queens garden it is in a horrifying state.

Suryakant Park Camp Belgaum

Same is the case with the Suryakant park at Gogte Circle, totally neglected and now the park gives a ugly look with grass grown all over, the fountain hasnt been working for years now, even the fencing was removed recently and now it houses a few street dwellers who are safe inside in the park premises.

The Cantonment is currently making a walking track along the Darga which is again a very nice idea, the Thimmappa road has landscaping on both sides which is fabulous but the board must also see at these garden’s.

All those old timers who left the city for work or otherwise and who must have a special feeling for the Queens garden, you will be disappointed.

5 thoughts on “Queens Garden one of the oldest garden in Belagavi is in dire straits”

  1. Very disappointing to see the State of the Queens Garden, it was our favourite time pass after a long walk from the city.

  2. Yes it’s a very true that old Gradens and children prak we’re not taken care by the Cantoment Borad and it is noticed that very large pavers undertaken ,it is a huble request for the development of the old Parks by the Public. Thanks for your post. I hope board will do the best.

  3. Plz think before posting your comments the installation of pavers blocks all over the cantolment area was a necessity so to facilitate parking of vehicles and to cover the loose soil to curb on dust next step is to install all the old street lights with new LED that will save electricity


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