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Railway overbridge work starts at Kapileshwar gate

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The work on the railway over bridge at Kapileshwar has begun and the gate has been closed for traffic now.
The ROB will be of span of 500 Mtrs length and width would be 25 feet and the clear height clearance would be 6.5 Mtrs.image image
Only 9 structures will have to be moved which are situated on the stretch from Tahshildar Galli to shani mandir.
There will be 9 pillars from the gate to Kapileshwar and 5 on the shani mandir side.

8 thoughts on “Railway overbridge work starts at Kapileshwar gate”

  1. At last work begins. But will a 25 feet width be enough for the present and future traffic. I guess not. What is the time duration for the completion of the same. And both side road is closed and if so how long.

  2. Adding to chetan comments above, timeline should be there for completion of this project, it should not be the case like project work is started but taking 50 years to complete it. Proper time frame should be made and must be completed within that time frame genuinely

  3. Finally work started, but what will be the duration for completion of this project, we are having Ganesh Chaturthi on 17th Sep 2015 and at the time of Ganesh idol’s Visarjan at Kapleshwar its going to be a big challenge.

  4. Great to see infrastructure development work. Will the administration please also look into implementation of fare-meters in auto-rickshaws in Belagavi?


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