Own dream house in Belgaum: Wait & Watch: Real esate

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In this global recession the prices of land and flats have not gone down in Belgaum. I have been mentioning the same from a long time.


The prices of flats have come down but that’s attributed to the reduction in cost of raw materials and nothing else and the decrease is also not commendable.


All are doing a wait and watch policy here. People interested in buying are not yet making a decision yet. The buyers expect the prices to go down but the builders don’t.


One more notable factor I realized is that as other companies are reducing their costs on advertising the Real estate companies are increasing the spend at least in Belgaum. Huge hoardings of Queens court, Heda Builders are up in many places in the city. There are another few also I have seen like Nasco developers.


Here are a few prices of land taken from the Tarun Bharat.



Bogarves area: 30 to 40 lakhs per Guntha

Khanapur Road: 30 to 40 lakhs per Guntha

Club Road, Civil Hospital road: 25 to 30 lakhs per Guntha

Maruti Galli: 35 to 40 lakhs per Guntha

 Khade Bazar (Sanykuta Mahtarstra Chowk): 35 to 45 lakhs per Guntha

Gandhi Nagar: 4 to 5 lakhs per Guntha

Shau nagar: 5 to 6 lakhs per Guntha

Kapileshwar Colony: 7 to 9 lakhs per Guntha

Somwar peth to Shukurwar Peth: 22 to 25 lakhs per Guntha

Maratha Colony 15 lakhs per Guntha

1st gate to Chougule wadi: 10 to 11 lakhs per Guntha



Hanuman Nagar: 1000 per Sq/Feet

Vijay Nagar: 550 to 750 per Sq/Feet




Some websites of builders from Belgaum (this is not an exhaustive list)


·         Ajit Patil Associates

·         Mini township Villas

·         NASCO Developers

·         PANCHMUKHI constructions

·         VISHAL Constructions

·         Patil Builders

·          Nasco Developers

·         Heda Builders



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  1. This is crazy , the property valuation should happen according to the facility around the property and also the city can provide. The above values are equivalent to the Bangalore price and more. Belgaum people are being cheated and the builders are in dreams. There is no Airport , nearest big city takes ~12 hrs cause of the road, there is no proper administration, the Auto dirver charges you as he wishes ( traffice police & the people are not aware of the law which can be used). There is no CNG autos. The living cost is much more higher than in Banglore. People want to become millionaire over night. This is all speculated price.

    Whoever has written this article please pass the message to the Mass


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