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Road near Sanchayni circle to be widened

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The PWD has floated a tender for the widening of the road at the culvert at the Sanchayani Circle near Dharmaveer Sambhaji Circle.

The road will be widened as the culvert would be extended and also footpath would be made on both sides.

The value of the contract is Rs.9414560 and the said would be done in 6 months time.


0 thoughts on “Road near Sanchayni circle to be widened”

  1. We need the Fish Market, camp road widened first and foremost. During VKS they put the divider in a hurry, literally overnight, and failed to widen the road. Now the stretch from Fish market all the way to the Petrol pump is very small on both sides of the divider. Its a traffic hazard. People concerned are you reading????

  2. Good idea to widen the circle. But more than the circle it is important for the road to be widened first is between the petrol pump at the old post office road and globe theater, both sides. Why do the authorities don’t understand when common man understands it. Also at the same time why is the mahatma phule road from goaves circle not opened when it is complete. May be they are waiting for some MLA or Minister to open it. Crap!


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