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Learn the Language of Choice- Italian

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With growing business opportunities come more career options. One such opportunity presents itself as a language specialist. Many European as well as East Asian or American countries are Eyeing India as Human resource and business partner. Doing effective business needs excellent communication skills in the native language.

Italy is one such country that presents huge opportunities to do trade with. Italy with its Engineering proves ,Rich Cuisine ,Fashion houses, Vibrant tourism and flair for travel makes it an interesting Country to do business.

People of different profession can thrive by learning the Italian language which is also spoken in countries like Malta, San Marino,parts of Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia and France. Italian is the primary language of Vatican City.

.Contrary to the popular belief, many Indians are actually learning about Italian history, society, literature, art, cinema, music, sport, fashion, industry. Some students even aspire to complete their education in an Italian instirtute. Also, today many Italian companies are investing in India and vice versa. The benefit of knowing Italian is that there are not many Italian speakers, therefore, those who do know the language have a brighter chance of getting a relevant job quickly

Individuals with Engineering or any professional background may choose to be either freelancers or be associated with a particular organisation. Business interpreters find prospective employment in business firms, travel agencies, etc. One could also opt for a career in teaching.
Working as a translator or interpreter either full-time or part-time proves to be a very Lucrative career option. There are large numbers of international organizations and embassies available which employ language specialists for secretarial, executive and public relation assignments .

Translators are also employed with industries, publishing houses, government and research organizations. Other job opportunities are also available with IT, travel and tourism sector, hotel industry, exhibitions and fairs, airlines offices, export agencies, radio stations and trade organizations.

Irrespective of age or educational background, you can still make a vibrant career by learning Italian. Or you may just choose to learn it as a flair for language and be ahead of the rest.

We have one such Italian language specialist, Rina Soundalgekar in Belgaum, Who went on a scholarship to the University for foreigners at Perugia ,Italy and has done her Post graduation in the Italian language from Delhi university. This helped her seek a challenging assignment with Hewlett Packard as a language specialist.

The good news is that she would like to engage classes in Italian language(class room or web based) to those who aspire to make a career or just enable them in their business or for that matter make your travel to Italy a pleasant once

You can reach out to her on [email protected]


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  1. too many opportunities to be seized not with what our people for languages (kannada and marathi for example in belgaum). Open up your eyes, lend a patient ear to everything and talk in the language of the hearer, one will have a small part of the world at his/her feet. i am always open to learn anything good
    by the way please visit it is a free site helping the language learning, it will of help to many others


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