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Buses got for VKS now on Hubli roads

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He makes us think again and again on the same old issue. Why only Hubli- Dharawad ? Are we step kids?

Few days ago I was traveling to my native as a cut journey at Hubli, as I didn‟t get the direct bus from Bangalore- Belgaum (All buses were booked for long vacations). It was a private bus and he dropped me at Hubli old bus stop and from there I was supposed to catch connecting bus to reach Belgaum at 8 am. I was still in sleeping mood, rubbing my eyes just I was waiting for my bus to arrive. Surprisingly a color full bus passed by me, It was crowded like a hell, It flashed like I have seen it earlier somewhere. Mean while A gentleman from that bus spit the paan very innocently out of the window. For a moment I was cursing that duffer but within no time I observed that that spit was painted like LIP- STICK on Aishwarya rai‟s pic.

Ash Photo ? That too on KSRTC bus? and Yediyurappa also smiling beside her.. what‟s that ? I was shocked… Oh,,, what a tragedy ,,, It was a special gift to Belgaum for VKS,, that was one among the 30 buses designed, built and was sanctioned to Belgaum as a precious gift on VKS-2011. what does this bus doing in Hubli ? I was confused. Then I thought of asking about it to someone, I immediately rushed to control room and asked an officer “ Saahebar, VKS- Belagaavi bus hubbllyag yak ri ?(What these VKS Belagaavi buses doing in Hubli ?)File photo

He gently replied “ Swamy, VKS kka anta 30 bus kottiddaru, iga sammelana mugitallari adak 15 namag bandavu “ (they sanctioned 30 buses for VKS. Now VKS is over, so now we have received 15 buses among them).

What a crap. It‟s the name of Belgaum and These people getting fame with it… Moreover as a favor these maha janata eating Paan and spitting like crap on my buses … I was very upset that morning, thought for a while that if these people were so much in need of the buses for transport then they could have asked and should have taken the normal buses, why did they need only VKS buses to make hell out of it … For a moment I felt hurt thinking when the buses with “VKS-2011 BELAGAAVI” logo were used like Corporation trucks in other cities what was the necessity of publishing the name of my city on it. Why were they been sent to Belgaum earlier?

For the next two hours journey I was feeling like sitting on hot oven. So many questions were running in mind. Why so? My native means so much only for the government? People/government of this state remember us only when the border issue is provoked or only while forming a new Kannada Rakshana Vedike in Bangalore ? What a Bad luck for my Belgaum.

I don‟t know whether these words are coming out for pride, Jealous or because of expectations but are all explanatory of the partialities/bifurcation done on us.

Its not only the matter of today, Post Independence everything that happened with my Belgaum was all of this kind only, Just for the reason that the neighboring state is waiting with watering mouth for Belgaum‟s merger with it till now whatever my city/district deserved and undeserved was pulled by our own neighbors, why ? Don‟t we have any right on it? Don‟t we deserve them? Or we not Kannadigas ?

Just Think, The TELCO & TELCON present in Dharawad, TATA itself was expecting to build that plant in Belgaum. Our politicians smartly drove it off to Dharawad. Same way, the recent HERO-HONDA plant was also proposed to us and now its in Hubli, In the first ever allocation of „High Court Sanchari Pita‟ it was mentioned to be bought in Belgaum, Unknowingly it was shifted to Dharawad. Its not just one or Two,,, there are so many such examples available.

Mahindra Tractor plant, International Airport, North Kartaka‟s Railway hub everything stops at Hubli-Dharawad. Its all the fate of us and the politicians dis- belief on Belgaum, the fear of What if after settling up all these big firms Belgaum shifted to other state? I feel they don‟t have self confidence, In this how can the neighboring Pillu‟s/Baccha‟s kept quite, of course they raise the voice for

Belgaum .

When the scenario is like this, what the unemployed will do ? Manufacture Local SARAYI (Kallabatti)? Then, when our excise minister or excise department raids they will hit back with stones (Remember the recent incident).

Still, My Belgaum is not lagging in anything, Politics apart, just with our own efforts and struggle we have built our district stronger and healthier. We have more than 25 sugar industries, Aluminum , Iron Casting, Automotive spare parts, Hydraulics, Aerospace and for so many other industries we are the pioneers. But still with Hubli-Dharawad political effect and present industrial ministers „krupa

ashirvaad „ made a great impact on taking Hubli-Dharawad forward and pushing us a step behind.

The requests of decades has neither turned a railway root to Belgaum nor any developments, Its not surprising even if after completion the total Kalasa- Banduri projects flows only to those cities, Though Volvo Vajra buses run in Mangalore, Mysore and Bangalore we can just dream them, Our tourism

ministers Mr, Reddy‟s promises for development also we have with us but no updates, We can just dream off or keep expectations on our cities growth, anyhow giving it to us or transferring it to the other cities is left to our ministers, isn‟t it ?

In all this time I don‟t understand what my Belgaum politicians are doing, As per my knowledge one person flied some kites and the other ran to resorts behind rebel MLA‟s to convince them. And the others they played a safe game being away from all these headaches. And the common people “ Always say „ Why should I bang my head; “ ,,, ha ha ha,,,

In how I am free, Though let me try once, let me see what response I get if I write an phrase on all this….

And the words are here …

My dear Chief Minister, Transport Minister, Industrial Minister , tourism Minister and any related politicians ( if they feel they are related) to Belgaum. Please consider my request, Please give us back our 15 VKS buses, Please give a space or a infrastructure to all those industries or business that flows to Belgaum, don‟t manipulate it, Give us a railway/rail root not just railing promises . Please construct some entrance gates (Swagat kamaanu)at our borders also. Give freedom to the land of legends Rani Cennamma and Rayanna. Let us grow, help us grow.

Read the Kannada version.

Disclaimer: AAB has used reasonable endeavors to ensure that the information provided is accurate and up to date as at the time of issue, it reserves the right to make corrections and does not warrant that it is accurate or complete. AAB hereby disclaims all liability to the maximum extent and may or may not have the same view as expresses by the author here.


127 thoughts on “Buses got for VKS now on Hubli roads”

  1. Very true. Belgaum always gets 2nd rate treatment for one or the other reason. Earlier we were not given any attention bcos folks in Banglore that Belgaun will go to Maharashtra so wats the use giving any thing to Belgaum. And not if any developmet activities is happening its disturbed by MES folks. We have suffered bcos of both the sides. Caught in between.

    Its time we Belgaumites get together and demand and take whats our right.

    Jaaho BELGAUMITES Jaago

  2. All the developments denied are due to the karnataka -Maharastra dispute. Our Belgaum Collegues in Mozambique strongly belive that there should be a City Corporation of New-Belgaum purported to be in karnataka ,which should include by developing the areas not under the boundry dispute into an industrial , Residential areas & Commericial areas.Let the old belgaum take its time to develop.This request may be passed on to all the important persons like Shri Suresh Angadi,Shri Prabhakar kore.This is the only way that Belgaum can develop.

    • Thanks Ram

      With the same intention of making our voice heard to these politicians I have written this article. Every Belgaumite must contribute on his own to see my/our city shine …

      @ Uday

      Thank you very much for posting this article, that too in both Kannada and English Versions… 🙂

    • Well till now the Karnataka Govt has been just ignoring Belgaum city & its needs. People like you & me need not have to work over in foriegn countries had there been some development in Belgaum. Now what you propose is to differenciate the Marathis & Kanadigas within Belgaum by your so called City Corporation of New Belgaum (thanks for spelling it as Belgaum).

      The best solution to solve this dispute is to declare Belgaum as Union Territory & by this one can ensure good growth of Belgaum at a faster pace so that we make up for the lost time & catch up with other developed cities.

  3. Am very much agree with Mahantesh.

    What to do this is all because of our mistakes as we elected hopeless representatives in the elections. One is very busy in kite festivals, one is busy in T20 cricket league, one
    is behind rebel MLA’s, one himself is rebel, one is very much interested in own steel/ sugar plants, one is behind own education trust … endless list of own activities. Here no one is interested to develop Belgaum as they are public elected representatives. This above article have all burning issues of Belgaum, what Belgaum deserves, what’s it’s requirements etc but till now no local politicians/representatives are ready to resolve these decade old issues even after they are part of the ruling Govt of Karnataka state. Second highest revenue is collected from Belgaum after Bangalore but very less funds spend on Belgaum. It’s truly bad luck of my beloved Belgaum city(namesake second capital of the Karnataka state).

  4. Sad but what can we do? All politicians and people united are fighting and getting projects for Hubli-Dharwad, they are gulping up every project awarded to North-Karnataka, its more of unity which is getting them things done and worked out, though Belgaum is a Divison for entire North-West Karnataka, it has very few projects upcoming and Hubli being a Town is getting all the projects.
    There must be a reason for this happening. hope we all would find out soon….

    • hi robbie nice to meet u here..well hubli is not jsut a town..its bigger than belgaum without including dharwad…..nothing against belgaum…but its fact…which projects u r talking bout..hero honda which got cancelled..Jnnurm being the 2nd biggest city they still didn include..IT industries which never canme u guys will catch with is tata..thats the only one…nano also missed in that..

      • Hi,
        I'm Not talking against Hubli either!
        Fact is a Fact.. Hubli is a Town in Dharwad district, A very Big town with huge population in entire N-K, now it is addressed as a city!
        Till 2002-2003 all postal address carried the address at the end as town, District Dharwad.
        Well talking about the size of the city.. Belgaum has more length of capreted roads in entire N-K region(even Mysore falls behind), so its a easy guess which city is bigger in terms of size (not Population wise).. !! 🙂

        • hi robbie if u consider belgaum district as a whole yes i agree it has more capreted roads…but when it comes to city hubli is big bro..excluding dharwad..if u consider dharwad H-D makes upto 202sqkms…
          n for mere fact that it is under dharwad district u cant call it as a town..if so then there r so many cities which r not district headquaters…
          so its not the fact that only district can be cald as cities….its the buisness,size which matters..

          • Dude, I am talking about Belgaum city not (belgaum district in whole), just the corporation and cantonment limits, it has more carpeted roads than any other city apart from Bangalore in Karnataka..
            You can check the facts at skyscrapecity too..

          • can u plz share the link…..n wat r u trying to convey by this "road" fact i didn understand..?plz elaborate..

      • Manoj , I have letter from States pricipal secrtary already published in the same site as proof, Mr Pavan Munaj never favoured any palce for Hero Honda, three places , Belgaum Davangere and Hubli were shown , they couldnt decide , since there were two obligations ,1) Choosing Belguam as there are three OEM part supplier of hero Honda based in Belgaum , but the land allotament Beglaum was comming under CAT -C giving only 5 year tax expemtion, second H D needed new Land bank under old CAT D Industrial area ( Growth Center) giving 10 year tax exepmtions , now the have tax benifts no land , in Belgaum land is there but less benifits ,, and Mr Noorani just started yappping plant at Hubli for no reason, finally it is on hang state since after this incident Mr Yeddi had revivec the new Karnataka industrial policy .
        Mahindra tractor plant is on hold for same reason , by the way its Engine OEM is agin based in Begaum , you need more on this send me your personal mail id , I will stuff you with enough evidence, since I am avid promotor of N karnatka and Founding memeber of Gulf Mahrashtra Business Forum , MY facts are based on CII news letters which I recieve from Belgaum ZOnal office based for N Karnataka.

  5. all the facts mentioned in article are so true … many of us know these facts but we adjust … Seeing the good things going to other cities when we really deserve them is hurting … whats more hurting is that people whom we voted to represent us are the main culprit for drawback of our Belgaum's development … we have plenty or resources, man power & talent to run many more industries but we are not getting enough support from #%&*$@#@ …it sucks to see how few people are manipulating our Belgaum's future … I wonder how people still think "in future Belgaum will go to Maharashtra"…. I laugh even when I thinking about it 😀 … if this is the real reason for all this drawback then we need to do something …

  6. There's a saying "Want to shine up & light up your house" stay there and work for its betterment! All Belgaumites run away when it comes to responsibility(not to forget as life says, those cities provide much better moolah as all are wanting it), 99% of brains created in BELGAUM either migrate to BANGALORE OR PUNE or migrate to other countries and post messages thru AAB or thru other means… we're sure that we must be lacking in somethings which other cities have or else.. no would treat or leave heaven like BELGAUM.

  7. Sorry to say but it is a fact . Belgaum is treated like the first queen of king having 100 wives.This queen is only remembered during important dates & she it then forgetten by the king .Not Karnataka nor Maharashtra remember it until a border issue aroses where plotics can be played at its peak.

  8. Great post i ever seen in ALLABOUTBELGAUM site…………..
    Gud work, make those polititians read this post.. Atleast after reading this they can open their eyes..

  9. Because of border dispute, the government is giving atleast some attention, else they would have forgotten Belgaum.
    What is the actual reason of Government conducting VKS or winter session or building new vidhana soudh in belgaum. ?
    Government is not looking Belgaum in development point of view, it's only because of one damm reason- "Border Dispute".

    • Winter Session and New Building Vidhana Soudh are meant for Government purpose only. These are not going to change any thing for the people of Belgaum. We will continue as before. By the way why is it called "WINTER" session. Are we a holiday destination?

  10. Visited Bangalore…for 2 day's…after 3 years' but was taken by surprise…

    I saw all lower floor buses constructed under the JnNURM scheme, being operated from every destination by BMTC…then a thought crossed off, where would the old BMTC buses might have been dumped…suddenly pictures flashed and remembered many KA-01, KA-40, 42… registered buses are currently seen to be operating in our Belgaum…

    Do these elected representatives consider our city to be dumping ground?

    We do not only want the 15 buses alloted to Hubli back (if you would have closely obsereved….they are the old buses which have been just re-painted and the VKS sticker applied)…but want what was sanctioned BRAND NEW BUSES…which I suppose would have been provided either to Mysore (Sleeping city), Mangalore (The Keralite city), and Bangalore (The Tamilian city)…

    Why can't the JnNRUM scheme buses run on Belgaum roads? Lots of questions to be answered

    • first of to tell u they r bought under jnnurm…which unfortunately belgaum n hubli r not part of…its not only belgaum guys..entire NK is dump yard for govt of karnataka..our honurable minister of transport n home only cares for mysore chennai apart from banglore…

      u may have also seen busstands constructed in every corner of banglore…i don blame for this..banglore desperatly needs it however the city bustands in hubli,belgaum,dharwad r like cowsheds..forget bout other NK cities..they r still in worse state.

      these tata marcopolo buses u r talking r manufactured at dharwad plant..

      • Belgaum also has Alma Motors whcih makes these CNG based Jnnurm buses, on the way to Khanapur. Have seen buses for Kolkata city as well being built and taken

    • Belgaum is not yet under the Jnnurm scheme, last year it was supposed to be taken in but due to lack of funds all the cities were left out including Belgaum

    • look Mr. true belgaumite: ur name itself reflects the name suggested by maharastra (enn ellre kannada ooli beku) and one more: be specific in your post mangalore is not an The Keralite city better u mind your words since its an public post .

      Thank you
      Have a great day

      Manjunath Shetter

      • hi manjunath..these ppl need some more exposre..they r like frog in a well..think they r only always correct
        n everything they only deserve..

  11. heart touching article it is.. people of belgaum accelarate d city with der own potential and efforts., if government goes on concentrating more n more on dis city, it wil be famous in india belgaum

  12. many may not agree with me , but let belgaum as it is , no industries ,no jobs, no development , this way atleast belgaum will be a quite place without any traffic jams, pollution as it happens in metros. belgaum will be have more greenery ofcourse we will have corrupt MLA's and Govt official to take advantage of exploting people by grabbing land, running schools colleges and trust collecting donations.
    people will migrate from belgaum to other places no immigrants in belgaum mean no problem of water, electricity or infrastructure to our beloved city belgaum

    readers are welcome to disagree 😉

    • A Novel thought Kapil,But what about the livelihood ?A man living in Belgaum should be a very rich (like a sheikh) or an agriculturist.Your thought is ideal ,since the human tendency is to do new things like opening trade and industry and so on. The city develops in this manner and if the geographical is favorable like the case of Belgaum ,Hubli the city tends to grow. This is a usual phenomena,which cant be arrested. your statment reminds me of my young days where there was no Arun theatre no buildings but only the green fields ,we used to see while coming cycling from school. The days were great. Thanks kapil for giving the statment ,it has made me relaxed atleast for the hour.

    • sorry kapil, but to remind you belgaum is no longer a green city as before, only by the grace of authorities who are never bothered of plant new one nor prevent felling the existing ones.

  13. nice article…i agree it hurts..but y u blaming H-D ppl..y u accusing them..its indisicpline ito spit i agree..but not everyone is like that..dont ppl spit in belgaum..the depot at hubli had asked for the buses only..wat they should do if our transport minister orders them from ur sharewat the ppl of H-D gotta do with it..its govt to be blamed..i hav observed here mahantesh n many n say that due to hubli or dharwad belgaum's development is hindered..guys high court bench fight was started in dharwad
    some 2-3 decades back..n it was always dharwad…there was never a mention of belgaum either from local representatives of belgaum or from the committe which was lookin into that matter..
    gulburga would not have benifited if it was only they made arrangements for one more bench at gulbarga..

    n coming to telco herohonda…y u guys always assume that they should have come to belgaum…good that they came to NK…y u ppl envy any development in H-D..

    • Dear Manoj

      we are the people of one state and all common men have many features common in them,,,
      My intention of writing this article is clear,,,, its all towards making our Belgaum people understand what they lost and what they earned and also what they deserve,,, Hubli-Dharawad people/ politicians are directly are indirectly responsible for this…

      Example " when high-court was sanctioned to Belgaum,H-D people opposed it, the same H-D people protested against it and made it to fall into their basket, was it necessary for them ? also for your information NK means not only H-D,, we are also part of it…

      and my words are directly addressed to the people of Belgaum to wake up, and all my Belgaum politicians for not acting on time… You(H_D) are apart…

      • hello mahantesh thanks for replying..

        u r telling that high court was sanctioned for belgaum..just some me some facts or articles where this was mentioned…plz don presume n write my association of lawyers of belgaum had made that proposal…which was rejected by the central committe which was incharge of chwcking the feasibility for establishing high court bench..

        as i hav already mentionerd in my previous comment….the struggle for high court bench in dharwadgoes to some 2-3 decades back..belgaum n gulbarga started asking for it only after 2000…

        n y u blame H-D ppl for this..they r doin it for their city..puttin efforts to c their city as developed..v r not snacthing it..infact it was due to the interruption of belgaum n gulbarga that the sanctionin of high court bench was delayed..but gulbarga's reason was very valid..don eny the growth of other cities my freind..ya u r rite u should wake ppl of belgaum n politicians there to try n develop ur city…

        • Dont write all the crap here dude,, please

          If you need I can give you a evedence copy of vijay karnatka ee paper in which on the main page itself,,, the big news had come for the first sanction of high court to Belgaum as " Belagaavi Kandaaya vibhagakke high court peeta " , You think I have written this article without knowing the things ?

          If you are in so much doubt go n ask your H-D bar association leader who fought as leader from your end to get the high court to ur place.. ask him " sir where was high court sanctioned for the first time… " he knows it very well.

          • dude u r writing crap n understanding the meaning of sentence " Belagaavi Kandaaya vibhagakke high court peeta " wrong….which means belgaum division not dharwad comes under belgaum division…this is the fact…

          • Mr Manoj

            The High court bench issue was started by (Late) Mr A B Patil, President Bar association of Belgaum which is older than even Bangalore , so for the Golden jublee function He decied to call the president and wanted to announce the High court bench establsihment at Belguam , Here the H D politicians and Mr Patil Puttappa spilled their dirt out of getting this diveted to Hubli Dharwad , you are too young to know this thee Vijay karnatak thingiee mentioned was becuse initailly Mr Patil Puttappa was in favour of Belgaum ( just to show) and once the movemnt materiaised drove it to H-D , the blame is becuse HD politicians have no guts to compete in fair spirit, wrting crap might be your style not we Belgaumites dude

          • Mr Satish let us stop the blame game ..its not anyones style of writing crap..i have never used any words like crap..i have just countered with my facts n knoweldge…it was Mahantesh who told as crap..anyways sorry for offending….I am presenting my facts n u can counter from here on i request al to refrain from using such words..
            below is the link of high court bench struggle for HD..plz go thru it..

  14. quset went to belgaum…did anyone from hubli dharwad raised objection for that..Mr. Arvind Melgiri founder of Quest is from hubli…he wanted it to be set up in hubli..
    however govt provided land to him in belgaum district..never simply blame..welcome the the secnarios have to be taken into cosideration before the govt gives green signal
    to any they thought belgaum was suitable this quest came to belagaum..may be previously it was dharwad…
    even though H-D is second biggest city c the infra provided for the they simply talk none have been implemented..100cr is allocated for belgaum n also for H-d..will it be fare..?
    m not telling giving 100cr to belgaum was not good..but being larger than n more populated than belgaum it needs more funds..the buses with KA 01 n al crap buses r also plying in H-D..its not only belgaum..
    both the cities of H-D n belgaum..i.e AN industrial corridor must be developed for H-D-B strech..we the ppl of NK should fight..force our MP'S N MLA'S not to just go n settle in banglore instead concentrate om development of NK..
    so its my humble request to everyone don blame any development in H-D or in any parts of NK..just coz it didn come to belgaum..

    • And for your information " The quest owner is from H-D,, and choose Belgaum to be his industrial hub… 🙂

      And those who were not exposed about Belgaums advantages (People like Tata, Hero honda etc) they were pulled inside to H-D with the political powers ,,,

      Sorry to talk against you n H-D ,, but its fact my dear… 🙂

      • i know this info dude..just read my post correctly.. i hav mentioned it in the first line itself..
        he didn choose he had proposed it in hubli only…but the govt didn sanction him the required amount of land….instead proposed him land in belgaum disrtict..which he whole heartedly welcomed n accepted the offer to develop th region of NK..he didn creep on hubli only unlike u guys..
        he could hav choosen mysore or outskirts of banglore when he was not given land in hubli..
        but the dedication of developing NK was there..
        so when it went to belgaum no one cried like u guys in H-D….
        n u say belgaum advantages..dude don the reputed companies like tata n hero hav brains..that they will listen to politicians n hamper their buisness prospects..they first c their profit..they felt that it was H-D n so its H-D…dude hubli-dharwad is also n industrail hub like belgaum apart from that it is also railway infra,cultural n biggest market of entire NK…

        • Dude, you are getting your facts wrong, QUEST was never planned in Hubli:
          Mr Melligeri himself tells in this interview why he chose Belgaum, check out these videos, news channels.
          First get ur facts right.

          • Quest had not planned SEZ in Hubli but an IT park for devlopemnt , and did get a fair share of land of four acres in between Hubli Dharwat , but when Textron System and Mellgian were intersted in Joint ventures for Manufacturing for aerospacve industry , Prabhu (A Mangalorean) partner of Arvind Melligeri choose Belgaum and even Mr Arvind evinced his interst in Begaum, since the quest compnoents are mostly be serving certain Defnse based industries , whcih Belgaum already have as Bases , this is the whole reason , and another reason attarcted them is besides Quest, Belgaum have two major Manufactrues of Aerospace components , BTP Strucural ( Radar Equipment) and Servo (Aircraft allied components) . Meet Mr Prabhu and he will let you know this. by the way Quest Software ( A unit from Bangalore)is still to take on wings in H D may be soon in future ,

    • dude, you missed out… in terms of poplulation.. I agree H_D is great 🙂
      250000 ppl from Goa ,Maharashtra, Bijapur, Karwar and many more be in and out at Belgaum everyday!!

      • 2.5L…i don think so..the population of belgaum is only something around 5.6L..n u say half the size of city population comes in goes out of city everyday…which brings its agglomeration population to 8L…

        talk with facts n proofs my friend..the recnt census doesn indicate so…

        ya i agree with ur point that belgaum is centred to these districts n many ppl from these areas come…
        similarly many come to hubli-dharwad from many other places..i don no the figures..but they say that agglomeration population of H-D is something around 12L…u can go ahead n check wiki..

  15. But I saw some buses with JnNURM labels are running around Hubli-Dharawad how this is possible?
    I think, JnNURM scheme is only applicable when the city's population is above 5 lack. How Mysore is eligible for JnNURM project. According to census 2011 or 2001, if you see the population of Mysore is very less compare to Belgaum or Hubli-Dharawad.

  16. To all who Don't Know:
    1. Is a Division For North West Karnataka, i.e It has a Development commisioner who handles 7 districts, Belgaum, Bagalkot, Dharwad, Haveri, Karwar, Gadag, Bijapur. is stationed here, also the IGP's office.
    2. Talking in National terms : has an Army Base, Airforce and an Land army base, the commando training at belgaum is applauded & known worldwide (had also featued in BBC World with a full 13 episode series in 2001)
    3. Second largest Economy in business, agri & has been the Revenue Generator in the state After Bangalore, in terms of Exports also (non- IT)
    4. 13 or more major rivers and its tributary originate & flow here.. In short Belgaum is water ABUNDANT (and other districts and cities depend on it)

  17. 5. Has the oldest railway station & airport in the entire Region!
    6. Is the Best Cosmopolitian population amongst all tier 2 cities, population can speak 3 or 4 languages easily as if its their mother tongue..
    7. British chose BELGAUM for its climate and fertile land including productivity in all sense hence made it their main city of Administration in the region, BELGAUM has a CENTRAL JAIL, the one of its kind which only MUMBAI OR CALCUTTA OR LAKSHDWEEP has ..
    8. Schools , BMS the only one of its kind which only 6 other cities in India have, the KV's, not to forget other innumerable ones, colleges, etc etc..
    The list goes on…

    The Point here is.. Having all these for 100 years and more, our beloved city doesn't get or din't get what it deserves.

      • Thanks Mahantesh,
        Well the list is still bigger, hope these few point enlightens people who don't know of what exactly Belgaum is.. 😉

        • HI Robbie lot of good facts on , but I beleive we need not have to bang heads with few H D promoters, coasue the tru fact is they are being favoured by high profile politicians , and out fight is not with these Manojs and Sarangs kind , based on certain mere fact they might feel offended but we need to see that our voice have right and dignity in having equal opportunities, by the way I have revied a copy from DIC Belgaum Zone , there are 21000 cr of investment for Belguam alone from GIM , 4th postiion after Banglore Bellary and Bagalokote against HD for 687 Cr we dont need to crib , time will turn the table back

          • Hi Satish,
            Thanks for the info..
            Well made facts known as many don't know it..
            More over on this point why Belgaum pulled investments is:
            "Second largest Economy in business, agri & has been the Revenue Generator in the state After Bangalore, in terms of Exports also (non- IT) "
            and is not like cities which produce duplicate liquor, electronics, fake business in commodities and lots more!!! (I wish not to name the cities as we all know what we are talking about).. 🙂

  18. If we are wrong and our Bro. ManojK is correct then why Dharwad-Belgaum Railway line is still pending no actions till last year it's because our Hubli peoples have fear that if this is done then Hubli loose it's identity. For this lot of politicians from Hubli including some private bus transport owners are opposing this project by all the ways(kam dand ….)
    This we suffered whenever there is long vacations or festivals seasons, private bus owners charge 3-4 time higher then normal fare…..

  19. Hello hahaha…u r joking like ur profile name…y anyone from hubli will hinder this project…may be yes the private bus operaters..but y the ppl from H-D wil interept..?so many travel to n fro between these cities daily..
    don develop this habit of simply blaming H-D for al ur unresolved issues..H-D also desperatly needs it as much as belgaum needs it…it is the central govt which has not yet sanctioned this..infact recently they even rejected this proposal…so my dear freind simply don write for the mere fact of writing..think over..

    • Well let me give better answer to you , We have somthing called Kride ( or KRDL ) run by state govet , poltically vested interested projects get through on Kitty from these KRIDE and KRDL , like Hassan Shravan Belgola , Harihar Kottur , these lines were never heard even, Belgaum Dharwad Lines was Surveyed in Nitish Kumar Ministry , then Paswan Lalu and agian reannounced by Mamta for survey after Mr Bommai jr wanted it via Bailhongal for no good reason adding more time to delay , besieds being a feasiable project still it has goen for silly bankablity report , so another delay of regime change,

      • yes Satish this is the exact reason..i totally agree with u…v the ppl of NK should fight..i support the development of belgaum,hd n entire NK..plz keep me in loop if u r planning on any activities in this regard..
        I' am very much concerend n bothered bout the development in this part of mail id is [email protected]. ..

        Thanks and Regards

  20. Hello Mr.Satish,
    i have never in my comments condemend or hav mentioned that belgaum dosen desreve…i agree n its a fact that belgaum is the jewelof karnataka.its the 2nd highest revenue generator as a district..most officers try hard to get their posting there..but u ppl always stick to ur guns..n never welcome any development in HD,which is not fair..HD has also hav been decieved of major things..below r few questions which i hav asked in my previous comments but hav not got any reply..plz think fairly n reply..
    1) Rs.100 cr grant for both hubli n this fair considering the fact of its size n population..its almost double the size of belgaum..guys plz note this dose not mean that i am saying belgaum should not be given 100cr..wat i mean is HD desreves more..even a small city like davangere received 100cr.
    is it fiar on part of govt..?
    2)HD was not include in JNNURM..even though it was the only elligible city at that time..but it went to mysore..

    • Hi,
      You really need to do some research…
      Regarding size and population only doesn't decide on every factor (quality superseeds quantity), You need to crib and ask your local politicians about it than cribbing on other cities.
      For your knowledge [Don't ever compare us (Belgaum) to your city for we are not bothered, we are in race with cities like Bangalore and Pune]
      1.100 crore was given to each district to develop its main city, now if you have twin cities, why crib and blame us or get Davangere in between?
      2. Central Govt is out of funds, so no more cities in JNNURM..
      Hope you get it Manoj.

      • robbie get ur things right man..100cr was not given to al districts..simply don write wat u was given to al corporations in karnataka…ok i no how much developed is belgaum..n also its quality…
        n regarding JNNURM..HD was not included when centre had funds..this is the injustice i am talking…
        robbie IIT in dharwad was mentioned in NANJUNDAPPA committie..u r tlking bout abhay patil's signature campain which hapnd just two years back..i don want to argue with u..u brush up ur knoweledge first correctly n then post..

        • Hi Manoj , again a misquote from your side late Dr D.M. Nanjundappa had given 20 point High-Power Committee for Redressal of Regional Imbalances (HPCRRI) report , no where mentioned about IIT in Dharwad anywhere , IIT Belgaum was Dr Ramkishna Hegde's dream and later when demand came up after Mahima Patel ( Ex CM's son , who was State secratary for investment in Deve Gowda regime ) was conatcted by GEMS group and American university fro Belgaum campus , ( GEMS is Dubai based Varky group , I have mail communication with them ). well even Belgaum VTU is for name sake , all its Technology centre are based in Mysore and Bangalore. and Belgaum officials are very corrupt , I had approched the evaluation registar for MICR/Automation software from a German group.

  21. 3)al the IT investments,hero,nano al were fake promise by govt which never came up..
    4)n guys dosen hubli hav industries eg; machine tools industries, electrical, steel furnitures, food products, rubber and leather industries and tanning industries,The Cotton Market of Hubli is one among the largest in India..big names like kirloskar,BDK,chemical industries,valvs,gear,spicer india,airtech..n so many which i don no..will not mention tata..its belgaum's as u al say..
    5)and IIT supposed to be in no where..plz i don want debate on this..i just mentionin it because it was mentioned by nanjundappa committe to develop backward regions..

  22. Let me draw a final Line above all
    We Belguamites are not agiainst ppl of H-D , our conern is from your public representativs and politicians to have fair share of value to Belgaum and stop dragging Belgaum's offices (zonal and divisional ones) and poaching projects as well Let there be fair competation and metrits, there is a lot interdependency though between Belgaum and HD ,all we Belgaumites are hurt about the fact on is being on receiveing end due to border dispute but sure for the fact is being fueled more by H D politicians , and public representatives such as Mr Patil Puttappa, I have equal friends of Kannada Marathi , and all we know is AAMACHI BELGAVI and NAMMA BELGAON, Iam very much produ to be fluent in both lanagauges as well. and more ever I hate usual tones of HD public representatives on asking devlopment of N Karntaka and intersts confied only till HD

  23. @ Manoj
    You are wrong again… IIT was planned for Belgaum (Belgaum city) to be precise… 226 MLA's did sign an memorandum sending it to the PM, read reasearch newpapers carefully.. What had to come to Dharwad as far I know was IIIT (triple I and T) it went to Gulbarga..

    • u r so ignorant of the facts n u directly post here without even verifying…IIIT is goin to be established in dharwad university…come out with correct facts Mr robbie..

  24. Also to state, the real IIT campus is/was planned at Vishswesharaya's birth place near Bangalore, Chamrajnagar district, all courtesy to Veerappa Moily as he is from that constituency, then Yedurappa took in confidence of 226 MLA's of Karnataka and sent a request to PM stating.. as Belgaum has an been an adequate centre in all sense, education, climate and less of rush but is same as Bangalore in every sense, he wanted IIT in BELGAUM nor Dharwad.
    Here we discussed alot of things, you know I know BELGAUM Superseeds H-D in all ways (had I born there or you here, doesn't make an difference) BELGAUM is BELGAUM.. and you forgot the main motto of this article.. VKS buses for Belgaum was meant to be VOLVO and in Belgaum, we got Marco polo, and that too got snatched away from the city to H-D and older Ka-25 dabba buses ply here, HESCOM, NWKSRTC all were meant for BELGAUM, but H-D got it.
    We Belgaumities too have lost alot and we promise we won't lose anything from now on… be it H-D or Border dispute.

    • oh come u came to HESCOM<NWKSRTC..u will say that watever HD has got al belongs to belgaum..if left in somedays u guys will say even karnatak university in dharwad was also ment for belgaum n so on..i no how much as a city belgaum is ahead or behind HD..n everyone knows…n ya belgaum will be belgaum..thats al i can say..

      • we donot want karnataka university which is in dharwad it rightly belongs to dharwad we have PG centre of KUD
        but Buses meant for belgaum for VKS are also in HD when in belgaum we need to wait for buses for almost hours to get to place which is just 10 km form city these buses could have been used in belgaum itself

        • vinod for ur info the PG centre of belgaum has be converted into full fledge one opposed this move..u ppl never even praise or atleast consider these news in this blog..only blame HD..

          yes vinod i agree with u…the buses must not hav been diverted…but to tell u..its not in the hands of NWKRTC..its the transport dept of karnataka which is very baised to NK..they leave volvo,benz n al new variety of buses to other state cities like coimbatore,madurai etc..n mysore n manglore r obvious..but when it comes to NK..they say they r trail running onthose routes if they r successful wil leave for NK..

          this is wat v should…but ppl here r like very centric..n v loose on these grounds…

          • RCU took mammoth 20 years to come in reality though contribution in terms of number of collages and revenue was more from Belgaum alone , even if you combine (earstwhile Dharwad district, inclsuding Gadag and Haveri) Belgaum dominates number of largest number for educational establishment , for the information on tech front today Belgaum alone have 7 enginering collages within city limts and out of four in Hubli Dharwad toagther two are run by KLE (Belgaum based insitituion) , well just to add more info Manoj , KLE Karnataka Law society and South Konkan education Society were establishment in Belgaum are older then Karnataka university, in 1980 the break away PG centres of Gulbarga became independent university, by Mr Virendra Patil ( then CM of Karnataka from Gulbarga) ,Belgaum remained udner KU for vested interst of HD politicians

          • u never welcome u always complain…wats there for politicians from KU…didn ur belgaum had politicians…r they dumb..ask them..u r like ur belgaum politicians simply give excuses..n y u guys hav the habit of coming up with some facts like above(KLE n al)yes they r reputed institutes n r doin great work for society…but wat do u want to prove from these facts…infact there r so many institiutes here as well..n also wats the point in that..if they r older….

  25. All the Newspapers printing went to H-D, So did Times of India, The Hindu and many more, many are local journo's, I have met a few, they actually don't know anything (honestly).. they print what they hear, only official statements are printed correctly that too with error's. One needs to research and then blog correctly.. to all my H-D friends, hope u got my point.

    • robbie actually to speak i don hav words to describe ur foolish way of thinking…wats this man newspaper printing gotta do with ppl n politicians of HD…samyukta karnataka,deccan herald r based here since long time..if some other newspaper's hav changed their base from belgaum to hubli..its their market study n left to them..u hav half knoweledge which is never useful my freind…atleast blog which is relevant…

  26. Belgaum development is bound to happen whether some people like it or not. Belgaumites need to participate more not just in discussion but in executing the plans. As on today, my biggest concern is the greenery that we are loosing in Belgaum. We need to plan for major tree plantation program this monsoon.

  27. guys no one hav ansered my questions..y r u guys silent on those facts….u al talk of competition on fair grounds..n wat this silence indicates..i find Mr satish who comes out with correct facts n figures..sir plz try to answer my questions..

      • I am postin the same earlier post which has questions..below.
        i have never in my comments condemend or hav mentioned that belgaum dosen desreve…i agree n its a fact that belgaum is the jewelof karnataka.its the 2nd highest revenue generator as a district..most officers try hard to get their posting there..but u ppl always stick to ur guns..n never welcome any development in HD,which is not fair..HD has also hav been decieved of major things..below r few questions which i hav asked in my previous comments but hav not got any reply..plz think fairly n reply..
        1) Rs.100 cr grant for both hubli n this fair considering the fact of its size n population..its almost double the size of belgaum..guys plz note this dose not mean that i am saying belgaum should not be given 100cr..wat i mean is HD desreves more..even a small city like davangere received 100cr.
        is it fiar on part of govt..?
        2)HD was not include in JNNURM..even though it was the only elligible city at that time..but it went to mysore..

        • 3)al the IT investments,hero,nano al were fake promise by govt which never came up..
          4)n guys dosen hubli hav industries eg; machine tools industries, electrical, steel furnitures, food products, rubber and leather industries and tanning industries,The Cotton Market of Hubli is one among the largest in India..big names like kirloskar,BDK,chemical industries,valvs,gear,spicer india,airtech..n so many which i don no..will not mention tata..its belgaum's as u al say..
          5)and IIT supposed to be in no where..plz i don want debate on this..i just mentionin it because it was mentioned by NANJUNDAPPA committe to develop backward regions…

          • bro u got it wrong again read properly its not hero nonda..its honda..this shows how happy u r that it didn come to HD….jealousy n selfish ppl…nothin can be said more than this..

          • Hello Mr. Manoj!

            We are asking your certification here. The MUM was signed with Govt in year 2010 June. Now Hero is different than Honda. By looking your attitude, Hero also soon run away from(…)

            Then cry again for that too

          • cant getting wat u r trying to explain..improve ur sentence formation..your admin has not posted some of my comments…honda has invested separatly in narasapura..
            project in HD is different…who the hell is crying..u guys hav only posted feeling that it was hero honda which went away from HD…u only sit n creep urself for posting such utter nonsense post..

  28. Mr Manoj

    First of all please try to understand the meaning behind this article,,, I have clearly written its all about what we have lost because of HD political impression and because of HD peoples aggressive wanting nature ( for all those expectations which are not its own).
    If you have not got more than Rs100 crore for your HD or if you are not included in JNNURM then go n ask govt,, if then too then wont sanction it to you then consider that you dont deserve it,,, You would have lost IIT, Tata nano and so many blah blah,,,, but we niether got them… and never tried to pull them off from HD,,, If you have not got so many things from govt doesnt imply that you(HD people) need to poke nose in the things belong to Belgaum and try to pull it your side…

    Understand properly and then ask,, If you are so much concerned about ur HD go approach the govt and ask,, y so post it in AAB ? AAB is for Belgaum ,, not for your HD,,,,

    mention you again,,, I have written it against all those powers who pulled up our deserves not he lags of govt to improve ur HD

    Hope it makes you clear…

    • Mr mahantesh ya it made me very clear that how much ever i try to close the gap, u r rite up against it…
      ur own sentence n i quote " if then too then wont sanction it to you then consider that you dont deserve it…." this implies very much to u guys..may be al those which u were talkin u didn deserve….u ppl simply claim everything to be urs…u ppl came to pull high court bench…i hav not found any instance of al ur above said instances..B.D JATTI has raisedt o establish high court in dharwad….pg centre of karnataka university is seperate university..not even a single person raised objection…u n guys talk of selfishness…
      ya i am very much concerned bout HD n NK…i will post whenevr ppl like u come up blame HD for no mistake of them…other wise u will ppl wil make others belive this nonsense…someone has to counter it…
      n in the end want to tell u may be i love HD little more but at the same time i love belgaum which has its own importance ….plz shed ur shadow outlook n try not to blame anyone for ur loses…take up ur agitation,get united…..
      i no u will come up with something again..thanks for that now only..

      • Manoj Have some broader idea , its not you alone or any perticula person of Hubli Dharwad we are blaming , it is your politicans taking undue advantage on Belagum on the name of border dispute, let me call you out some facts
        I have full quote of Mr Sr Bommai who has publicliy said we shouldnt develop places going to slip out of our hands
        He curtailed WESCO power project in 1984 since power was in great necessity for Belgaum , Belgaum was put in Zone C agianst ( as per Nanjuddppa commitiiee) to be in Zone D, ( zone D investment gets larger tax holidays) the Belur growth centre was established after cancelling Auto Nagar Belgaum whcih was ment for Auto Ancellaries ( Phase one was cruel joke as it has turned only as resdential area) , since even today Belgaum is famous for Auto Body building works, the industry older then Hubli regional workshop of KSRTC

        • Just to clear up your mind , no hard feeling for any individual of HD , its against the biased attitude of state govt and HD politicians culminating project beyond HD for Belgaum I can send you a list of offices moved from Belgaum to Dharwad , projects curtailed wihtout even bringing Belgaum on survey list , you are aware of state of Hubli IT park today ( no one to setup office , incubuion office have Belguam based comapnies even) , anyway C-LITE at BVB funded by KLE , well all I need to say Belguamites are hurt for driven away those buses , and cruel fact Dharwad getting another depot now, we are stil fedning with KA01 and KA 25 old use buses , we dont deserve this second class treatment , Jarkiholi and comany making good bucks with praivate services, making a paraller busstand near Belgaum , so it is wake up call aginst your politicians and authorites not indivduals like you…

          • C-LITE is funded n built with the help of sudha murthy FYI….
            even KA01 old buses ply in HD..its not only u guys who r discriminated..thats y i always say v should be united in our fight but u ppl start ur own…if jarkiholi is making busstand good for belgaum..but y wake up call for HD politicians though i don support them..they simply speak n no actions…..ya NWKSTRC may be in loss if u trying to say this…its already under funds nothing…corrupt higher autorities…HD already hav private operators…
            its good that al of u sudden u guys stopped talking about high court..i guess u gotta the facts rite..

          • She was only called in for inaguration as good will gesture of Chairman KLE Mr Prabhakar Kore , I was one of the event invitee too , since I am very much in communciaction with Mr Kore and Ret Maj Gen Singh ( former MD of KLE Hospital) , dont talk of things you are not aware off, Sudha Murthy is founder of Akshar Dasoha ( a food supply proejct based in Hubly funded by Naryan Murthy foundation by Infosys

        • c satish each city has got its own importance…belgaum has good body building,airforce base n many ancillary,sugar industries n so on……similarly hubli has got its own centuary old railway workshop,lathe production,electric motors,valvs,bearings,chemical,cotton mills n so on..
          now moily went on to announce IIT near chickballapur..but as per Nanjuddppa commitiiee which u hav only has recommended to establish IIT in wat can be done…these politicians take undue advantage of our internal fight..

  29. Belgaum was a serving Airport till 1990 had five flights on alternate day 2 Mumbai 1 Bangalore , 1 for Goa and one for Chennai, and three regular flight for 2 Mumbai and one to Goa ,
    We are not aginst what went to Dharwat , today DALMA motors form Hydrabad , had built 1000 coach capcity plant in Belgaum , and STARLINE motors Mumbai is based her since 1982 bulding special purpose Vehicals
    Comapritvely there is lot Beglaum could have thrived but it is an undisputed fact that HD poilitcians are best in culminating access to Belguam from state administration and projects as well which they sure failed during GIM this time, I have hughe list of offices moved from Belgaum to Dharwad in vested interst of your politicans, so please get celar , your explaintyion can hardly be bought on non factual or verbal comments. and sure to say we are not ever blaming ppl of HD , it is the state administration and HD politicans delibarately doing it, so no doubt today so many Belguamties have got taken up this wake up call for somewher to stop this menace….

    • wat r u trying to convey with that belgaun airport info…good that DALMA n STARLINE r there in belgaum…
      it will boost up that particular indutry..
      finally I am happy to hear that u r not blaming ppl of HD…
      one thing instead of simply blaming HD politicians y don u ppl question ur politicians…belgaum city till recently always voted for MES…they never backed karnataka..n that was a fitting reply given by the administration…MES simply spread hatred with marathi bandwagon..
      now its good that ppl of belgaum hav realised the mistake they made by supporting MES which simply sat at the muncipality n did nothing…so All the very best for Belgaum n its ppl..

  30. @ Uday

    Can transport minister made to be heard at this ? Please share a copy of our concerns with him… atleast we should get those buses back ,,,,

  31. @ Mahantesh & Satish..
    Just let it go pals.. "JUST IGNORE …" don't waste your valuable time teaching, educating and informing [answering the ridiculous] who doesn't want to accept facts and wants to create his/her own facts and funda's and wants the RIGHTEOUS TO ACCEPT THE WRONG anyways.. be it Arrogance, kiddishness, In short Dumbness… don't waste your valuable time (few people are jigat (sticky) be it wrong also, they won't listen even if you teach, inform or share the facts with them) Let them go and do or say whatever they want, as fact remains fact and common masses will get to know what is what .. 🙂 By the way I Think, In this mean time one could have created their own city web page..blogged and shared the FACTS and their extreme factual KNOWLEDGE there itself !!! 😀
    Also to add Mahantesh, I really congratulate and thank you, that you put in an superb article (about VKS Buses, dude u are the journo :)).. let us all belgaumites be alert when unjustice is done like this again.

    • robbie u r like frog in a well..thinkin u n ur city only desrves everything..plz come out this world…try to support
      the theory of developing NK..u can discuss this same issues with neutral ppl from different cities if u find my comments offendable.

      • Ha ha ha ….

        In the group of those neutral people HD politicians will be present there waiting to grab the new opportunities from Belagaavi again…… 🙂 lol

        • u even don no where v discuss…its not any political forum not any selfish guys website like urs..its SKYSCRAPERCITY..where some knowledge n worthy ppl participate..n went on to post some rubbish..

  32. @ manojk

    Yeah , as you said "I'm like a frog in the Well", Cool, thanks for the compliment 🙂 so.. mosquitoes and insects beware that if you enter into my well and make noises, you shall be gulped up 🙂
    I don't understand why is it not easy for some to understand few simple things…
    So its simple that its an exclusive site for "BELGAUM & BELGAUM Related issues/blogs/topics/discussions"
    None here is against any other city or the state (only complaints are there , but to the Administration/Govt , not to any single city or person), here people love BELGAUM and so is the main topic as it should be…
    Hope its Clear!

    • robbie i know to which city this site need of dosen mean that if its ur city site u can post anything n blame other city its ppl its politicians,condemn its development…n now don brush up that u didn blame HD…u guys did n thats y i interfered..anyways as u accepted u r forg in a u r..n after all who wants to come to ur well or hell(website) which always posts some biased comments whether in border issues or some other….u cant face the outside world..thnk god that u r in that well other wise u would hav polluted comin out..ya plz be there only thanks..

      • We will rock bang other cities ploticians like Bommai's Horrattis and shetters poaching our projects and blocking our devlopment , and parakeets and mosquitoes be aware dont buzzz out in our Belgaum's sites, dont wanna hear shit noise of urs

  33. Chill it and cool it down mate :)… nobody is against anybody, 🙂
    In forums we do see such things, now comm'on.. you get complaints too.. now if u have more things biased against ur city it means your city is improving.. isn't it? u need to be happy .. think over 🙂
    Example as u said skyscrape city… where we need to blog in particular with a particular topic… we can't post a kanyakumari message in karkal… 🙂 so in AAB its Belgaum, thats it, I love my city BELGAUM, more than that I love my Area (nagar). more than that my street, more than that my house… so its like that…, i'd perfer everything shining everything but the start from my home… (thats everybody's wish or dream)… 🙂 so skyscrape has each place allocated towards each region too.. same way, AAB is for BELGAUM (district/city website) only man..
    So chillax & relax 🙂

  34. please let me know the buses along with the registration numbers that have been transfered to hubli

  35. great job mahantesh….!
    good to hear the facts from satish and robbie!
    keep the pro belgaum movement alive!
    hope the efforts pay-off n belgaum will have its share of prosperity!

  36. Dear Belgaumites

    Making this article most popular/most commented on AAB proved that the people of my city are much concerned towards the development of the city than fighting for the border issue.

    Thank you every one for your valuable comments and feedback

    Jai Ho 🙂

  37. this is a very good article.. Mr. Mahantesh, i really thank you for making this issue sound to us..! we youth will stand up for our rights to develop.. 🙂


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