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Dust your way out

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dustfbFrom eye allergies to back-aches, the abysmal condition of the roads in Belgaum have also witnessed an increase among such conditions caused by bad roads. 

All the major roads face the issue of DUST these days as the rains have stopped and the potholes filled with concrete blocks in some cases and mud in others.
With sun shining bright after a long time post rains, two-wheeler riders are now faced with a dusty and a gravel ride. Vehicles are easily skidding off the roads leading to riders sustaining grievous injuries. The situation worsens at turns and crossings where people are unaware of the minute particles lying under the rubber.

Bad roads are however just one side of the coin, as the sand on roads blow dust directly on to the face of two-wheeler riders which makes the visibility to almost zero in some cases and also causes allergies. 

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