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Mars like landscape in our own Belgaum

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By uday

by Sameer Majli

Rain or no rain, every year the same ritual is performed by the Corporation and the Cantonment; the patching of pot holes with crumbled bricks and mud filling. Roads that have just been laid or let’s say carpeted, a year ago, creatively and efficiently take on the shape of a martian landscape.

This year too is no different. Even though the city has received very less rainfall as compared to the past; many arterial roads in the city have been battered.

The Congress road, a part of which is managed by the Cantonment, on the railway line side, is in a real bad shape (and they were once collecting a toll for using it). Go a bit further and the condition of the same road in the corporation limits is also the same right, right up to Udyambag.

Congress road

Ambedkar road, Club road, College road, many roads in Camp also face similar issues. When these main roads are in such a pathetic condition, one cannot expect anything better from the roads in the suburbs.

The SPM road has become a virtual ditch with the mud which is being taken out from the Ganesh idol immersion tank.

Let’s discount the tarred roads for a moment, even the roads of concrete which should have lasted for at least 10 years are not behind in terms of efficient degradation. Look at Ganpat Galli, Khade Bazar and Shahapur, the road condition is worsening with the passing of each day.

Pot Holes being filled up at Chenamma circle

Many roads were re-laid or re- carpeted under various schemes but the standard of these roads is only theory. Reality never really cemented though cement was consumed and the tar only tarred the repute in every aspect pertaining to quality and longevity.

Road near Railway Station connecting to Amba Bhavan

The road behind the railway station which connects to Amba Bhavan is a dirt track and one wonders if they are planning a Belgaum Grand Prix with the highest possible degree of difficulty in negotiating the bumps and ditches.

The only ones making merry are I guess tyre manufacturers, garages and the medical professionals that deal with orthopedic ailments of various sorts.

If “Curiosity” lands in Belgaum instead of the expensive trip to Mars, the world would be equally curious to know how people tolerate this nonsense and the pictures relayed back would be the same as the landscape on Mars.

Should we write to NASA promising a Mars-like experience at one millionth the cost or maybe even lesser??

6 thoughts on “Mars like landscape in our own Belgaum”

  1. North Karnataka will never improve for Several thosands of years ,if local people ‘s mentality and representative’s attitude will not change

  2. The potholes proof of sub standard work
    Done by contractors… TODAY a newly laid road done by BUDA, the AUTONAGAR main road being dug by a contractor to lay cables for a private telecom company. If its legal why do on a Sunday? The labourers do not divulge any information but claim to be laying pipes, which are not in sight. Can any authorities be contacted. AAB plz help.


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