RPD college road to be widened


RPD cross to Patwardhan layout road of 50 feet will be widened to 80 feet and the said new road will be built under the aegis of the special grant of Rs.100 crores. Rs.2.83 crores has been allocated for this road development.


Recently MLA Abhay Patil and corporation commissioner inspected the said road and also markings were done.

MLA said that the road widening will be undertaken only after the local residents are taken into confidence.

On the other hand the local corporator is unaware of this development and says he was not told of the inspection. The worst part of the whole story is MLAis trying to take his credit of this development but the bottom line for the locals is that Rs.2.83 crores can be only used for road development and cannot be used as compensation for the residents and shop owners who will loose their land and building. Due to this the locals are not in favor of this.

If you see the said road is a major link to Vadgaon and at RPD cross there is a lot of congestion and major problem will arise here only as there are shops and in the widening all the shops will need to be removed. Once we approach the road further the problem is lesser as there is ground on one side till Gomtesh Vidyapeeth.

Development is needed but development should be done in a manner which will be fair to all. Development is always at a cost and the cost needs to be taken into consideration. The earlier attempts of the corporation for road widening have not got a great response as the compensation policy is not implemented in the way the local residents like. You could here as well see that some residents might approach the courts as it has been done in other areas.



  1. d most challenging task while broadening da road is 2 avoid accidents and untoward incidents because da majority riders on dis road r d inexperienced pu students of not 1 or 2 but 4 colleges!!!no 1 has a control over d vehicles nd d road widening is goin 2 add 2 d wud b advisable 2 undertake dis project durin d time of vacations for d respective colleges!!i m sayin dis as i use dis road frequently nd hav near miss chances of accidents each time!!!!

  2. That is a good news!!! But broadening a road is not only the key thing, but this being under one of the standard areas, has to retain the modern standards without the mud scattered around. Hope the corporation takes upto the mark!!
    Thank you for the news Uday!!!

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