Transfer Marathi-speaking areas including Belgaum with Goa


khalapRamakanth Khalap Former Union Law Minister who is from Goa has suggested to the Centre to transfer Marathi-speaking areas, including Belgaum in Karnataka, with Goa to form a Vishal Gomantaka state. He was speaking at the valedictory function of the 12th Konkan Marathi Sahitya Sammelan.

If Maharashtra was not keen on the proposal, Goa was ready to include the disputed areas. If these areas are merged with Goa, the state could become Vishal Gomantaka, he added. Khalap urged President Pratibha Patil to take measures to protect Marathi language and culture in border areas of Karnataka.

Source: Express Buzz

I posted this as I personally liked what Mr.Khalap said Belgaum in Goa Wonderful.


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  1. Dear Editor, The proposal of Ramakant Khalap of merging Belgaum in Goa is unlogical , baseless and ridicuculous. Let us recollect the days of the British Raj ,where Marathi was a linugua franca and there were no kannada schools in Belgaum. People were being educated in marathi ,while their mother tongue and basic languge was kannada. Due to this reason there was a popularity in Marathi language. Now for example I studied in English language , It will be definitely wrong if I say I am a Britisher !.
    These sort of Problems are at many places in India for Example Ambala in Harayana , The pujabis still say it should have been in Punjab. I would like to mention to Shri Respected Ramakant Khalap that there were only four Prseidency or locations ie :- Mumbal (Bombay), Kolkata (Calcutta), Chennai (MAdras) and regions around Delhi . The area under Mumbai had Marathi as a Ligua Franca, Area under Kolkata had bengal and Tamil under Chennai nad Punjabi under areas of Delhi & Punjab.
    Mr Ramakant Khalap should withdraw his words of Belgaum being in Goa as Belgaum is basically was a Kannad ,will always be kannad .

    Ram Ayam

    • u tell me if u say belgaum is kannad then why alll the galli names the major market names like ravivar pet , budhwar pet, gallis like gondhalli galli , tanaji galli and may more have their names in marathi.thats because this is a integral part of maharashtra and marathi people.

  2. Its a wonderful thought.. Belgaum in goa. thats gonna benefit the people living here asa they are pressurised by the karnatak govt to stay here. all the paper work is in kannad which people dont know to read the road sign boards are too made in kannad. this is nuisence. So it would benefit the our people since both the states do all the oofficial work in Marathi.. Cheers

  3. Thats a very good thought.. Belgaum in Goa, that will make sure that all the majority marathi speaking people will not face any issues when it will come to the legal paper work or the Sign boards on the road ect where in we are facing these issues reading them since they are all mentioned in kannad which majority of the people obviously dont know to speak forget about reading it.. So in either of the ways if belgaum is kept in GOA or maharashtra it will benefit the people either of the ways.. thank you.

  4. SHRI …nothing to cheer about this.. everybody knows this is not going to happen. Belagavi is part of Karnataka and it will be.

  5. Really do not understand, why and how such learned people do not understand that to protect or safe-keep a language we need to make it as a separate state, where as there are “n” number of other issues to be tackled like growth, development, education, availability of basic amenities etc for people staying in border areas rather than just pulling and bucketing them into a state.

    Hope atleast the people belonging to my generation share/echo the same thoughts.

  6. No Matter wheather Goa , or Mahrashtra , all I need is stop Karnatka to cetralize Hubli and Dharwad as north karnataka and ignore Belgaum and discriminate between fellow belgaumuites of various lanagauges


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