Getting ready for Sambhvami Yuge Yuge

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The mega show depicting the life of Sri Krishna is all getting ready and here is the making of the event. A huge stage is being built now on CPEd ground. The event is organized by Raj Media group and Goa-based Shri Vijayadurga Saunskrutik Mandal.

Mega stage in the making
Mega stage in the making

About 103 local artists will get a chance to act in the play and the screening for the same began from today.photo0385

The ticket sale has begun and the show will be from 20th November to 25th November. Daily 7000 spectators can witness this extravagance show. The initial response for the tickets ahs been good and also very good response has come in from rural areas.

This is how the stage will look
This is how the stage will look

The tickets have been priced from Rs.150 to 500 and are available at various locations.

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